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Readings of Your AKASHIC RECORDS by Lumari

A Personal Reading of your Akashic Records is a powerful and illuminating experience. Lumari will bring you great insight and understanding into the reasons your life has unfolded in certain ways. When you know the reasons and choices you have made from your soul's journey, you can live your life from a place of clarity, freedom, appreciation and growing illumination.

Readings of the Akashic Records by Lumari
In your Akashic Record Reading with Lumari, you can learn about your past and your future and gain a deeper understanding of your choices and your life's purpose.

During your Akashic Reading Lumari will

Clearing the Way
There are many benefits to an Akashic reading. Once you learn about and understand your past choices and how they lead you into the future, you have the opportunity to make powerful choices and changes in your life.

A life is built on many experiences - some of them pleasant and some of them unpleasant. In your reading, Lumari will help you understand these times in your life. She will help you interpret your specific experiences, offer new solutions and resolutions and release the emotional pain so you can gain healing and renewal.

Before your consultation conversation, Lumari privately contacts the Akashic in her meditation. She asks the Akashic your questions and receives the answers. Then she relays these answers to you during your consultation conversation. The fee is $450.00. Payment by credit card is required prior to the reading.

If you have more questions during the reading, it may be possible to extend the length of the reading or schedule a follow-up reading. There will be additional fees reflecting the extra time.

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