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ALAWASHKA: the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation Channeled by Lumari

Alawashka is a compelling exploration that reveals the true history and nature of humanity, universal healing and cosmic transformation, while it initiates our passage into higher consciousness.

Channeled by Lumari, Alawashka is both a language and a being. This, light, sound, matrix and vibrational being emanates from the universal core, the heart of the Goddess. Her essence alters the framework of existence and initiates us into new levels of spiritual awakening.

In our memories, in our myths, in our ancient stories, we hear of a language that called forth creation. Some stories say that the Great One called forth into the darkness and invoked the light. Some say there was an original word that spoke universes into being. Some say there was an original sound.

Alawashka is the original language that coalesced the All and the Void into manifestation.

alawashka "ALAWASHKA - the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation," channeled by Lumari, took five years to write and is a true book of our times. While we stand poised at this new period of awakening, Alawashka leads us forward into possibility and illumination.

The most awe-inspiring discovery of our times … ALAWASHKA - the vibrational Source of all Creation. Learn about the power of this sacred language that can help you achieve an awakening that will change your life.
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The Language of Creation from the Heart of the Goddess


Language of Creation
In the times of ancient wisdom, before our recorded history, before our recalled memory, we spoke and sung a sacred language. Melodic tones carried the vibration of each word in its fullness. The consonants and vowels combined to set an energy field of blessing, healing and honor. Each word was music unto itself. Spoken and sung in rituals dedicated to the Goddess, the words and sounds carried life-force within them.

Every word, every syllable, and every inflection had a particular resonance that filled the air with beauty and love and magic. Each word and its placement had variable meanings. Each word had power, the power of the Goddess, Herself. This is the power to create, the power to shape our world. We have not heard it spoken on this planet for longer than I can estimate. It is at this time in our world, that this sacred language and its music returns to us once again, beckoning the celebration of the Goddess and our lives. This language is Alawashka.

Thousands of years ago, Alawashka was a closely guarded secret, spoken only in the ancient mystery schools. Her vibrational energy was at a distance and yet the power of her words and language were known as sacred. Now she unveils herself, reveals the capacities of a conscious language and explains how to use this language to heal, grow and transform.

Creating our Future
Alawashka provides the understanding and tools to achieve heightened awareness, powerful healing and deep spiritual connection. We can now honor our ancient culture and step into our spiritual awakening. While we stand poised at a new period of awakening, Alawashka leads us forward into possibility and action.

Alawashka creates. The energies, tones, matrices, vibrations formulate creation and bring quality into being. This language and being are creative. They hold energies for the express purpose and joy of creating forms. Alawashka comes to our world now, to help us move into the higher vibrations and levels of awareness so we can create our world with the beauty, harmony, appreciation, integrity and love that will honor and sustain us for a very long time.


Lumari’s book, "Alawashka" bringing the creation energies to our world
With songs and practices in this ancient language, Lumari’s book is essential for everyone who wants to attain their highest expression of love, spirituality, physical well-being and inner peace. Speaking, reading or hearing Alawashka opens a profound relationship to the Divine.

As a Language, Alawashka activates passage into higher consciousness. By reading this book you will directly experience energies of blessing that will change your life.

Experience the true resonance of Creation. Feel the amazing energy and profound spiritual openness from Alawashka, the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation. Learn about the true nature of humanity and your own birth rite.

As you read the true chronology and genesis of humanity you will experience specific energies to help release limitation and restore your own Divine nature. Each page, each word in this book will connect you to very specific vibrational frequencies and matrices that bring clear personal transformation, cosmic evolution and universal healing.

Our Spiritual Evolution and Awakening
Channeled by Lumari and written in Alawashka’s voice, this book explores the evolution of humanity and the new awakening we are moving towards. "Alawashka Language of Creation" reveals even more than the truths of our past. It also holds powerful teachings and energy for our evolution and our future. As the myths and stories of our past are disclosed, a greater truth about our lives can become real.

We are more than the stories. We are more than our history. These are the times that we can step into a new future of our own creation and Alawashka can help us.

This book ALAWASHKA, GENERATES HEALING and EXPANDS YOUR AWARENESS - just by reading it! It's that simple and that profound. Creation Frequencies of healing and illumination are coded into the very pages of this book and included in the meditations and chants in the Original Language of Creation that will help you connect to your personal destiny and touch the Heart of the Universe.

This book is a Spiritual event
Reading this book is an experiential event. In this book, Lumari shares detailed explanations about the nature of creation and powerful messages of spirit. Add to this, the revelation and discovery of the original language and the inclusion of songs and practices in this ancient language, and you have a book of tremendous moment and profound impact.

Alawashka: Language of Creation - Buy This Book - Price $21.95 -

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