Amy Schoen interview with Lumari

How to shop for a Motivated to Marry Man!

For over 13 years Amy Schoen, a professional certified life and relationship coach, has helped marriage-minded men and women get off the dating merry-go-round and finally find their life partner. She also helps here clients build a loving, committed relationship that lead to marriage, if that is their goal.

With the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Coaching Program Amy’s clients discover what they truly want in a life partner. And they often find their "perfect" match, within 6 months to a year's time

Amy has been featured in many radio, TV, and newspaper articles on dating and relationships and has her own monthly Motivated to Marry podcast.

Sharing Wisdom:

  • Dating for marriage is different than just dating
  • Be true to yourself do you know if you’re truly motivated to marry
  • Use your values to guide you to your life partner

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SHOPPING FOR A MAN: The Ultimate Woman's Guide To Dating A Really Great Guy

Don’t change yourself. Change how you shop. Learn how to date a really great guy without changing who you are, playing games or sacrificing yourself. Finally! Self-discovery through shopping! Get ready for a fun book filled with wisdom teachings, healing, visualizations and fabulous shopping tips that will help you date a fabulous guy who's the right fit for you! That's what you want!

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Shopping For A Man Journal: Write your own love story

Celebrate your beautiful journey of self-discovery, clarity and healing with your Shopping For A Man Journal.

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