Lumari's: Alawashka Event

Create and Activate Your Bigger Vision

Evolutionary Business Council’s
Deep Dive Retreat in Oceanside California.

Recorded Live Sept 2019


It was an honor and delight to guide this session, Create and Activate Your Bigger Vision, at the Evolutionary Business Council’s Deep Dive retreat in Oceanside California.

This beautiful mini-workshop Introduces the Energy of Your Bigger Vision: Spiritually rich and illuminating session to expand your personal and global influence of your Bigger Vision.

Lumari guides you through special practices, meditations, journaling and activations to Create and Activate Your Bigger Vision, expand its global influence, and generate higher vibrations for your vision and widen the evolutionary community for positive change. 

When you create a bigger vision for your life, you open to your expanded view of what you see and who you are. Then your connection and influence generate an even greater positive effect in a multi-dimensional way. It’s all about exploring your fullest, richest magnitude of your soul, your spirit and our world.

Lumari guides this sacred group in a series of writing exercises, guided meditations to flow with very powerful frequencies to create shifts and expansions that are in harmony with each person’s higher being.

Lumari is the channel for Alawashka, the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation. She works with and brings in the energies of Alawashka, in multi-dimensional ways that are specifically created for each individual and for the group wholeness. The connection with this Alawashka, the songs, vibrations and the Active Sacred Geometry symbol activate your Bigger Vision in sacred energy and blessings today.

This music played in these meditations and visualizations will invite higher frequencies of creation to you.

Haya Wansha – “Lift me into the Calling Forth” Written and  Performed by Lumari on her album Emerge Dancing with music produced and recorded by Peter Bried.

The meditation music played and enjoyed in this Create and Awaken Your Bigger Vision session is written and performed by Peter Bried from his new album, Cosmic Visions.

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