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Sparks of Divine Inspiration

Sparks Of Divine Inspiration are light-filled, channeled messages to awaken new energies, brilliance, vision, wisdom and joy in your life. Each quote, channeled by Lumari, brings you access to higher vibrations, wisdom and insight. This beautiful sequence of wisdom illuminates, heals, uplifts and open you to new ways of thinking and being.

Here’s your Sparks of Divine Inspiration quote:

First receive your Sparks of Divine Inspiration quote. 

The Universe is fully abundant and
fully capable of fulfilling every imaginable intention set forth within it.


Next, your Sparks of Divine Inspiration Sacred Teaching reveals more wisdom.

Then, Your Sparks of Divine Inspiration Action is an action you can take to infuse the wisdom and frequencies into your life. 

See how these “Sparks of Divine Inspiration” guide you to new discoveries.


Lumari shares inspiring, channeled quotes to awaken new energies, brilliance, vision, wisdom and joy in your life. Sparks of Divine Inspiration quote, Sparks of Divine Inspiration Sacred Teaching and Your Sparks of Divine Inspiration Action bring joy and light to your life

Discover how powerful and inspiring the energies of these special words and messages can be to increase blessing in your life, right now.

The first step to Finding and Living Your Soul’s Calling

Do you want to take your first step finding and living your Soul Calling?
Do you want to expand and grow your Soul Calling and Purpose?

Today let’s get some real clarity and awakening. I’m sharing two very powerful teachings and one simple practice that will move you to higher levels of your vision, purpose and calling!

These are:
∆   Deep truths you want to know about Soul’s Calling and Purposes
∆   What your struggles with your Soul Purpose reveal
∆   One simple practice to get you rolling!

Deep truths you want to know about Soul’s Calling & Purposes
Your Soul Purpose and your Soul Callings are growing and transforming.
They are not stagnant, singular, one-time only awakenings, choices and paths. It’s not “Got it!” and done.

The brilliance of your Soul expands, refines and even changes into aspects of yourself that bring deeper fulfillment. Your evolution and transformation help contribute to our world.

It’s a magical experience to see and feel and know this is happening to you and within you. It’s like breathing clean fresh air, standing on the top of a mountain or on a sandy beach at the ocean where the air is invigorating and healing. You take deep breaths and the air wakes you up to possibilities that you can live!

This is your joy, your passion, your inner truth shining. Each day calls you to create and be and contribute.

No matter what age you are, no matter what gifts you have, no matter what pathways you think are those to follow, the transformation into a greater you is here, now, and it’s up to you to listen to your calling and follow that powerful vision and voice within.
Of course, it’s not always that easy!

What your struggles with your Soul Purpose reveal?
Transitions and transformations are challenging.
What if you had success in your chosen path, and now, that’s not enough?
What if you just don’t know what your calling is?
What if you don’t know which way to go or which inner calling to follow?
What if you really want to build your sacred gifts, to expand them and leverage them to much higher levels but the paths and choices are not clear?

Those struggles with who you will become, what your calling and purposes are now, can be painful.
Those struggles bring so much sadness! Maybe you’re in that sadness, right now. You feel the sadness, confusion, frustration and limitation of not knowing and not taking action.

You just don’t have the real clarity you need to fulfill your purposes and shine.
That stops you from moving forward. You just keep questioning with no clear answers and never going beyond it to your fulfillment, inspiration and success.

One simple practice to get you rolling!
Here’s the good news!
Those struggles are showing you where you want to shine. If you’re feeling the sadness, confusion, frustration and limitation of not knowing your Soul’s Callings and Purposes, then it’s time to really pursue them. To pursue your Soul’s Callings and Purposes takes awareness, commitment and action!

So, the good news for you, is I’m sharing your first step!
Your first step is to gain real clarity about where you are in following your dreams your vision and your calling. Here’s a powerful Soul’s Calling First Step practice to get you rolling.

Soul’s Calling First Step practice

Right now, take a nice deep breath.
Feel that clean fresh air filling you.
In this very moment, ask yourself if you are committed to fully pursue your Soul’s Callings and Purposes.

Take another deep breath and smile! Blessings are coming your way.

If you had a resounding “YES!” then you will feel a new sense of flow and optimism, because you are open and ready to follow your calling, whether you are brilliantly clear or still in creation mode.

If you had a wimpy “YES!” then you have some doubts and it may mean you aren’t clear about your deeper calling or you’re not ready for a fully committed shift.

If you had a disappointing “NO” then it may mean that your path has not revealed itself, or you don’t feel the timing is right or you want some richer understanding now, so you can move forward to follow your calling.

You just got clarity about your first step. All of these answers are the right answer.

  • Resounding “YES!” means go for it.
  • Wimpy “YES!” means go for greater clarity and pursue that.
  • Disappointing “NO” means it’s time to breath and explore.

All of these answers are perfect and are a real first step in finding and living your Soul’s Calling!

Many Blessings,

P.S. Let me know if you had an AHA moment and new insight!

BE THE BLESSING – Cosmic Coffee Break

The beautiful series Unleash Your Intuition is now complete. Thank you everyone who shared your insights and gratitude. I’ll have more details and some special gifts very soon.

The latest episode of my Cosmic Coffee Break podcast airs today!
This episode is BE THE BLESSING!

The frequencies of blessing are so much more expansive that most people realize. Usually, you’re in a passive mode to receive blessings or pray for them to come your way. Blessings are more than good thoughts, prayers and wishes for solutions or positive situations to unfold. Blessings are vibrational flows of energy that have the focus and power to uplift and enhance your life.

While sometimes you say the words “bless you” it doesn’t mean you are actually blessing someone. Truly creating blessing is a vast energy resource that creates a relationship in all dimensions.

Would you like to discover how to create and increase the vibrations of blessings?
In this episode, I’ll guide you in a very special and unique practice to create and hold blessings. Being able to hold and create blessings will make a profound difference in your life and our world. I definitely recommend you listen to this one, several times to feel the shifts that are possible for you!

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Unleash Your Intuition: Access Divine Secrets to Living and Extraordinary Life!

Today we’re finishing an inspiring interviews series I created and hosted,

Unleash Your Intuition:
Access Divine Secrets to Living and Extraordinary Life!

You know, it’s so uplifting and powerful to share wisdom with you. Many of these beautiful souls I interviewed have such unique energy and perspectives that you can gain blessings from our conversations.

We all have something rich and powerful to contribute to each other and our world. So, inviting and interviewing these inspiring leaders brings each of us more.

You have gifts to share and gifts that will uplift our world.
Intuition is a gateway that can open new vistas and ways to bring your gifts into fullness. It is about living an extraordinary life! That’s why I do my work, to help you on your journey to the extraordinary! It’s about you, living your destiny.

The interviews, wisdom and vibrations and special meditations that each of our luminaries share will help you lift your energy and help shift our world to higher expressions of love, honor and truth! Then we all shine!

Here’s what some listeners said!

“I am/have listened to EVERY interview and LOVE them all!!! You did a fabulous job of selecting GREAT, informative motivating, spiritual people to interview and your interviewing skills are REALLY what make everything work!”

“This summit is supporting my practice of being present and connected. So, again, thank you.”

“Hello Lumari, I wanted to let you know you are doing a wonderful job with the interviews and topics discussed. The different meditations and perspectives shared are just fantastic! I’m grateful for all of you as guides and teachers. I am working towards a more meaningful life for myself, and y’all’s generosity has opened me up to accept where I am right now.
Bless you all”

Okay – there is still time to listen, because today is the last day of replays!

And I am making available as A SPECIAL PRODUCT so you can download the whole series and listen to these wonderful teachers and luminaries whenever you wantGET IT HERE! 

What’s one of your favorite Thanksgiving memories?

What’s one of your favorite Thanksgiving memories?

I was thinking about this today, thinking about this Thanksgiving and remembering a very special Thanksgiving when I was young. It’s still one of my favorite memories and I am fortunate to have lots of them.

I think I was around 5 years old and it was the night before Thanksgiving.

A big truck pulled up to our house and seven or so of my dad’s friends all came into our dining room. They started to bring in boxes of food, veggies, turkeys, and cans and all sorts of stuff was piled up everywhere. Then, my dad pulled out a long list and all the men started filling the boxes from this list. I knew some of the men, but not all of them.

Of course I asked what it was all about.

My dad told me this was a list from the priests and ministers and rabbi from our town of all the people who may not have enough money to have a good Thanksgiving dinner. So he and his friends got donations of food and money from stores and people to fill these boxes so everyone could have a great Thanksgiving.

I asked to help and I got to count out the potatoes and put them in the right boxes. They kept talking and laughing and working until there were piles of boxes filled with food in the living room and dining room.

Once the boxes were packed they took out a map and put it on the table. My dad explained that they were figuring out the best roads to take so they could deliver everything.

When I asked him who the families were, he smiled and said, “We don’t know. We ask the priests and rabbi not to give us their names, just their addresses so they won’t feel funny or embarrassed that they don’t have enough food this year.

I know my eye must have been wide open at this point. Then he said, “We drive to their house, put the food on the porch or front step. Then we ring the bell and drive away.”

I was in awe. I didn’t know what to say, but I was so proud of him.

They took all of the boxes to the truck and came back in to say goodbye.
Then I looked at all the men in my house and saw they had hats on. I’d never seen those hats before and so I asked one of the men what they were.

He said, “We are veterans and these are the hats we wore when we fought for our country.”

I looked again and all the men smiled. They wore their hats, stood taller and looked at me. And my dad said, “You know, we all just really like to help.”

Then they left laughing and joking and got into the truck and drove away.

I’m tearing up right now, remembering that band of brothers in my house making Thanksgiving for people they would never really know.

Thank you Dad, and all your friends for a simple memory that still moves and inspires me today!

What’s one of your favorite Thanksgiving memories?



Love, Self-Discovery and Shopping

We can’t get enough love.

We have to sing about it and celebrate it and tell people about our love. We want and need more love in our lives and our world.

Self-discovery is a pathway to love.

Self-discovery is you, engaging in your Self to find your beauty, love and purpose. When you’re really and continually engaged in your own self-discovery, you open to your magnificence. Through self-knowing you resonate to those qualities even more. You open to the love within and the love that radiates.

Shopping is actually a journey of self-discovery.

You see, when you’re shopping, you’re looking for things that enhance and complement your life. To do that, to find what you’re looking for, you have to know who you are and what you want. You have to know your comfort level, your dreams, what you want to do, what inspires you. And then you go shopping. Shopping is your quest! And when  you think of shopping, the energy shifts into clarity, fun and the unexpected!

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, I’m guiding you in a meditation and wisdom teaching, Love, Self-Discovery and Shopping, to will help you connect with the power of self-discovery in shopping and attune to the true frequencies and multi-level qualities of love today!

If you think about looking for love as shopping, then you can see the journey and play in the beauty of your own truth.

Join me for this fabulous journey of Love, Self-Discovery and Shopping!

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Cosmic Coffee Break website

Answering Your Call to Action – Parts 1 and 2

Are you inspired, motivated, and excited to move forward in your dreams to fulfill something joyfully important to you?

That’s Living Inspired. When you’re living inspired you are Answering Your Call to Action. You are called to move, to create, to engage and to live in a fuller capacity. When you’re called to action from the space of Living Inspired, you feel joy and exuberance. You are called forward onto the clear path to your vision, self-expression, service and your dreams.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Answering Your Call to Action Part 1, I’m sharing a special practice, that’s a fun and powerful way to begin Answering Your Call to Action. Get ready to feel and experience the joy, freedom and fulfillment of Living Inspired. Continue reading


Earth’s natural cycles bring us to profound understanding of who we are and how our lives can grow and evolve. The brilliance of our guiding orb brings flowers to bloom and plans to fruition. In Spiritual, Mystical and Metaphysical conversations, the Sun represents spiritual intelligence. Light is always a symbol of intelligence, and the sun represents the highest form of intelligence, spiritual intelligence. It’s symbolic of the light the Creator.

Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse are both perfect times to resonate with the sun, and acknowledge the Sun’s physical, metaphysical and vibrational gifts. It’s time to let all things come into greater awareness in the light. You can bring more light and energy into your life when you sync up with the cycles of our world. Continue reading

Spring Forward into Your Life

Spring is the time for beginnings. I love spring.

The fullness of energy is flowing towards new awakenings. We really enter a new world, a world with flowers, returning birds and hopes and possibilities born and renewed!

Let’s Celebrate the beginnings, new awakenings and fresh ideas that Spring inspires.

Each person’s intuitive centers are open more fully in spring. That means your perception centers are open to more creativity, ingenuity, opportunity and more delight. With your intuitive centers more open and accessible, you can receive the benefit of a greater perspective in your personal life and your business.

Because your intuitive centers are open more fully in spring, I see this unique seasonal opening for all of my clients. As an intuitive and spiritual life coach, I can see those new energies and possibilities opening your intuitive centers. I’ve just completed my “Unleash Your Intuition” summit and I’m preparing more wonderful things for you – like videos and more about Intuition, Soul Purpose and Fulfillment, I know how much timing means. This is a season of opening, awakening, possibility, opportunity and Divine timing!

I have a 2 part new Cosmic Coffee Break podcast episodes, Spring Forward into Your Life to give you some vibrational oomph! They both increase your intuitive connections.

Spring Forward into Your Life Part 1 has wisdom teachings and a special meditation provides clues and guidance that will help you understand and recognize opportunities for your professional and business life.

Spring Forward into Your Life Part 2 has wisdom teachings and a special meditation to help you explore what new possibilities your intuition is holding for you and reveals different ways to express your inner being.

Listen to the Cosmic Coffee Break

And while you’re exploring your Intuition meditation, remember to listen to Friday’s podcast episode, too. I just know that it will  delight you!

Check them out and let me know which one inspired you the most.

Breathing Transformation meditation

Spring is coming and new energies are already swirling! That’s always how I feel in spring.

Every season is an opportunity for transformation and that’s what’s going on right now. I can see the daffodil leaves popping up from their winter sleep. I can see the trees swelling, the irises poking through the dirt and the little greens winking at me from the ground.

My newest Cosmic Coffee Break podcast episode, Breathing Transformation, is a meditation and vibration filled with the possibilities and openings of transformation in your life.
You know we’re going through a huge shift in our world and we are called and urged to move even further into our own greatness and luminosity.

Would you like support along the way?

Listen to this podcast and just breathe. The Breathing Transformation meditation brings you to Conscious Transformation in a beautiful, gentle and powerful way. You don’t have to struggle to transform, you can breathe it. Continue reading