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Sparks of Divine Inspiration

Sparks Of Divine Inspiration are light-filled, channeled messages to awaken new energies, brilliance, vision, wisdom and joy in your life. Each quote, channeled by Lumari, brings you access to higher vibrations, wisdom and insight. This beautiful sequence of wisdom illuminates, heals, uplifts and open you to new ways of thinking and being.

Here’s your Sparks of Divine Inspiration quote:

First receive your Sparks of Divine Inspiration quote. 

The Universe is fully abundant and
fully capable of fulfilling every imaginable intention set forth within it.


Next, your Sparks of Divine Inspiration Sacred Teaching reveals more wisdom.

Then, Your Sparks of Divine Inspiration Action is an action you can take to infuse the wisdom and frequencies into your life. 

See how these “Sparks of Divine Inspiration” guide you to new discoveries.


Lumari shares inspiring, channeled quotes to awaken new energies, brilliance, vision, wisdom and joy in your life. Sparks of Divine Inspiration quote, Sparks of Divine Inspiration Sacred Teaching and Your Sparks of Divine Inspiration Action bring joy and light to your life

Discover how powerful and inspiring the energies of these special words and messages can be to increase blessing in your life, right now.

The first step to Finding and Living Your Soul’s Calling

Do you want to take your first step finding and living your Soul Calling?
Do you want to expand and grow your Soul Calling and Purpose?

Today let’s get some real clarity and awakening. I’m sharing two very powerful teachings and one simple practice that will move you to higher levels of your vision, purpose and calling!

These are:
∆   Deep truths you want to know about Soul’s Calling and Purposes
∆   What your struggles with your Soul Purpose reveal
∆   One simple practice to get you rolling!

Deep truths you want to know about Soul’s Calling & Purposes
Your Soul Purpose and your Soul Callings are growing and transforming.
They are not stagnant, singular, one-time only awakenings, choices and paths. It’s not “Got it!” and done.

The brilliance of your Soul expands, refines and even changes into aspects of yourself that bring deeper fulfillment. Your evolution and transformation help contribute to our world.

It’s a magical experience to see and feel and know this is happening to you and within you. It’s like breathing clean fresh air, standing on the top of a mountain or on a sandy beach at the ocean where the air is invigorating and healing. You take deep breaths and the air wakes you up to possibilities that you can live!

This is your joy, your passion, your inner truth shining. Each day calls you to create and be and contribute.

No matter what age you are, no matter what gifts you have, no matter what pathways you think are those to follow, the transformation into a greater you is here, now, and it’s up to you to listen to your calling and follow that powerful vision and voice within.
Of course, it’s not always that easy!

What your struggles with your Soul Purpose reveal?
Transitions and transformations are challenging.
What if you had success in your chosen path, and now, that’s not enough?
What if you just don’t know what your calling is?
What if you don’t know which way to go or which inner calling to follow?
What if you really want to build your sacred gifts, to expand them and leverage them to much higher levels but the paths and choices are not clear?

Those struggles with who you will become, what your calling and purposes are now, can be painful.
Those struggles bring so much sadness! Maybe you’re in that sadness, right now. You feel the sadness, confusion, frustration and limitation of not knowing and not taking action.

You just don’t have the real clarity you need to fulfill your purposes and shine.
That stops you from moving forward. You just keep questioning with no clear answers and never going beyond it to your fulfillment, inspiration and success.

One simple practice to get you rolling!
Here’s the good news!
Those struggles are showing you where you want to shine. If you’re feeling the sadness, confusion, frustration and limitation of not knowing your Soul’s Callings and Purposes, then it’s time to really pursue them. To pursue your Soul’s Callings and Purposes takes awareness, commitment and action!

So, the good news for you, is I’m sharing your first step!
Your first step is to gain real clarity about where you are in following your dreams your vision and your calling. Here’s a powerful Soul’s Calling First Step practice to get you rolling.

Soul’s Calling First Step practice

Right now, take a nice deep breath.
Feel that clean fresh air filling you.
In this very moment, ask yourself if you are committed to fully pursue your Soul’s Callings and Purposes.

Take another deep breath and smile! Blessings are coming your way.

If you had a resounding “YES!” then you will feel a new sense of flow and optimism, because you are open and ready to follow your calling, whether you are brilliantly clear or still in creation mode.

If you had a wimpy “YES!” then you have some doubts and it may mean you aren’t clear about your deeper calling or you’re not ready for a fully committed shift.

If you had a disappointing “NO” then it may mean that your path has not revealed itself, or you don’t feel the timing is right or you want some richer understanding now, so you can move forward to follow your calling.

You just got clarity about your first step. All of these answers are the right answer.

  • Resounding “YES!” means go for it.
  • Wimpy “YES!” means go for greater clarity and pursue that.
  • Disappointing “NO” means it’s time to breath and explore.

All of these answers are perfect and are a real first step in finding and living your Soul’s Calling!

Many Blessings,

P.S. Let me know if you had an AHA moment and new insight!

Garden Of Thoughts

Are you aware of your thoughts?

Can you consider that your thoughts are not really fleeting and random, they are something more?

The other day, the Divine shared a wonderful message and vision with me to share with you. She revealed the Garden Of Thoughts. This beautiful garden with large trees, beautiful meandering pathways lined with flowers, and special areas filled with food plants and herbs was the Garden Of Thoughts. Every plant, every living plant was a thought.

Some of them were quiet, nurturing thoughts. Some of those plants were vibrant life changing thoughts. And those trees and perennials? Those were the thoughts that extend through time. Those were the thoughts that span generations, form the basis of some of the most powerful ideas that carry humanity forward into a higher focus. It was all Magnificent.

Join me as we meander and stroll through the Garden Of Thoughts and discover some truly beautiful magic. This five part series of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Garden Of Thoughts, has special meditations to empower and bless your thinking.

Enter the Garden of Thoughts and
Discover some truly beautiful magic.

Listen to the Cosmic Coffee Break

Courage To Be You

Do you have the courage to be totally you? No apologies. No regrets. no excuses. No false humility?

You are born to be only one thing. You are born to be you. The Divine is really smart and it’s important to know that it’s in your destiny to embrace your gifts, your quirks and your perspective and be that.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break with Lumari, I guide you in a beautiful meditation, affirmation and blessing to follow your heart, your passion and your gifts and have the courage to embrace your life.

Solar Celebration


Solar Celebration and Meditation with Lumari

Earth’s natural cycles bring us to profound understanding of who we are and how our lives can grow and evolve. Here, we are in the cycle of full sun, of summer. The brilliance of our guiding orb brings flowers to bloom and plans to fruition. We feel the warmth of illumination in our lives, because the sun shines brighter, closer and longer. The sun suggests leadership, power, courage, abundance, health, joy and creativity. This is the time to let all things come into greater awareness in the truth of the light.

Think of this amazing light. We can tune into and experience it’s brilliance and know that all life on our planet is influenced by this light. It’s amazing to think that this one celestial body influences us totally and completely. You can receive light, benefit from the light, grow heal and uplift all with your connection to our sun. That’s why it’s called a solar system. We revolve around our sun. The light shines for us and we can shine for everyone.

So, today, I want to share some solar energy with you. We are coming up to the Summer Solstice and this is when we have the most sunlight on our world. You can work with this meditation at any time. You can connect with this dynamic power and invite the energies of the sun to enhance and empower your life. By working with the creativity of the sun, you can find many different ways to honor and celebrate the sun’s unique properties and use those qualities to enhance your own life. The sun has energy and power that you can tap into and share. That is part of it’s magic and beauty.

As you listen to this meditation and experience the energies of our sacred sun, bask in the beauty and light of your own spirit connecting with the light of our sun.

A Toast to Mother

Blog_A Toast to Mother

Here’s a Toast to Mother
To our mothers and their mothers
To the Goddess and Divine One
To all the women who have carried forth our lines of love, creativity and deep wisdom.

A blessing of love to
Honor and cherish all the best in women and those who have gone before us
Women who have loved and fought
and marched and created and blessed
and worked and paved the way for our journey in this life and this moment.

Dearest Mother,
I honor you.
I remember you.
I love you.
I cherish the moments we have had.
I cherish the moments that we will create.

Here’s a toast to Mother
Who is present now in her physical and spiritual form
Who holds a light and cheers us on
To be more of ourselves and be more in this world
Each kiss on our forehead
Each word of faith and encouragement
Each hardship and triumph
Thanks Mom!

We are your children.
We hold the candle today.
It is our light to shine, and today, we shine for all mothers.
May love abound.
May honor flow.
May compassion reign.


Aligning in Harmony – Meditations With Lumari

There is a so much upheaval on our world right now. Humanity is working through war, hunger, poverty and enslavement and working to remove those patterns from our world. The Aligning in Harmony meditation is created to change the focus and move energy to:

1. help those people who are trapped in patterns that are not beneficial

2. help shift the focus of our world to a more positive energy

3. help you participate in a meditation that will uplift you and our world.

There are those of you who often send energy and healing to specific locations of to our world to help move the upheaval and domination into better and more evolved place. Today, as you work with this Global Meditation, please thank these people for their courage and help. Show them that they are truly the last beings left and that all has been accomplished. You can help bring their motivations to rest, by taking them through the site to see that all is now clear and they are free to go into their next passages.

Now it is the time to help in these phases of healing. In the energies of blessing, we can move and uplift these energies without harm to the process of evolution. As we do the next meditation, we have shown honor and acknowledgment to all concerned. This also shows “Spirit” that we honor the whole process of our being and the being of others. If we aspire to create a world of blessing, this one aspect proves we are capable of doing so.

The vibration we will send for this meditation is harmony. Harmony is the honoring of all voices blended into a fulfilling wholeness. This is a vibrational frequency of acknowledgment and inclusion. No being is excluded from the harmony of the Divine. All are honored, appreciated and accepted. Do not add anything to this vibrational stream. As you encounter each energy and each being, attune yourself to the vibrational streams of harmony. Show them this stream and allow and encourage them to add their voices to the harmony.

Some beings may join right in. Others may need time and may simply want to be present. Others may need to see or hear or feel where their voice may fit into the vibrational energies of harmony. If they ask for your help, show them the place in this stream where their voice fits perfectly. Allow them to add their voice as they see fit, without judgment or teaching. Allow them to move into harmony in their way. Do not attune any being, any soul or any system or grid line. Vibrate the essence of harmony and allow, allow, allow.

We will begin our meditation by focusing on the hot spots of our World that are often the locations for distress or upheaval. These are the acupuncture points for this event and for global transition. Gently and slowly, move your being to vibrate to a level of harmony that is comfortable for you. Imagine that an aspect of yourself is standing in these sites and vibrating, like a plucked guitar string, to the essence of harmony.

Hold this energy and position for a minimum of five minutes or throughout the twenty minute meditation.

There is no need to do more than this. The vibrational patterning of harmony will enter the acupuncture points and travel exactly where it is needed. If you are guided to bring this vibration of harmony to other places or other awarenesses, remember to simply vibrate to the essence of harmony. There is nothing to send. There is nothing to do but hold the sweetness of harmony within you.

When you have completed the twenty minute meditation, gently let the energies move into the whole and then relax into your normal day”s events. In this meditation, less is more. The vibrational frequencies of honor and harmony are all.

If you plan to meditate further at this time, please release the resonance of harmony, extend blessings to the process and break with this stream. Then, move to your next aspect of meditation. Please do not incorporate any other energies or techniques with this particular meditation. Doing so will confuse and alter this particular vibrational pattern. To be clear on this, do not add chants, call in guides, work to blend these energies with anything else, call in friends in spirit or add any other practices. This meditation is designed to hold the purest essence of harmony. It is important to hold the templates for this meditation in the exact manner they were designed.

You may also include the resonance of harmony in your own person disciplines. This resonance, in and of itself, is a remarkable gift and delightful experience. The effortlessness of this energy can truly create miracles in your personal life and the lives of others.

Please send this meditation to as many people as possible to bring us all to another level in our joyous and honoring participation in blessing. Also, please email me to share your experiences in this meditation.

Shalka Matista – I celebrate the pathways of Divine flow.

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