Wish You Were Here! Unlimited Possibilities Ahead!



Are you ready to have it all?

Have you ever been told that you can’t have it all? Do you think that you have to choose? If you limit yourself to a few things you do really well, and forget about the rest … can you really call that success?

There is a lot of conversation about limitation and fear in the world. Fear of failure and false limitations lead to frustration and anger. Some people believe that to be successful, you need to narrow your focus. They say it’s best to focus on one thing so you can be successful. Experts, coaches, teachers say that you can’t have it all, but we are whole beings and we need whole and happy lives.

Why do I have to limit myself?

Why do you have to limit yourself?

As a psychic, intuitive, channel and spiritual connector, I receive so much delicious information. I don’t limit the information, guidance and sacred teachings I share with you. Why would I edit the sacred, the creative, the empowering and uplifting wisdom I receive?

Limiting myself, and what I share is alien to my way of being. I am a child of the limitless cosmos. I’m wondering if you are feeling the same way. Are you struggling with or annoyed at being told that you have limit your self and just choose one thing and go for it?

This has been a really saturated year for me, and it’s not over yet. One aspect of my deeper searching and connection this year has been “how do I do it all?”

By looking within, and connecting with my expanded consciousness I am able to enjoy the wealth of possibilities offered up from a universe that knows and loves me. This is where I find the most nurturing and inspiring visions.

I’ve been having inspired conversations with Divine Ones in this life, since I came to this planet. I remember conversations, guidance and full-blown lectures about humanity, truth, Spirit, purpose and the energies of creation when I was in my crib. Everything was available to me. The beauty and magnificence of the universe, the Divine, was right there in that moment.

So, here I am, a few years later (ha-ha), feeling the fullness of these gifts, energies and teachings and guess what! I don’t want to choose. I don’t want to limit the blessings I receive to just one topic, just one way of perceiving and sharing. I want to embrace the fullness. I want to create the paradigm shift that says we are more, we can be more and that’s what’s calling us!
I’m exploring doing it all. I don’t really want to hold back and discern which gifts and wisdom I share. I’m online with the universe. There’s a reason for that. It’s how I’m created.

If this calls to you or if it intrigues you,
I’m inviting you on this journey with me.

I’ll share more about what’s new, and what books and offerings I’m creating for you.
Right now, I am inviting you to explore this with me.

Let me ask you, “Do you want to have it all?”
What secret talents, gifts, dreams and possibilities are you waiting on … waiting to share, waiting for the right time, waiting for the best venue to market it … waiting to know if it’s your time to shine?

For me, it’s time to do it all. I’m not even sure what ALL is yet, but that’s part of my new conversations.

What do you think?
Are you interested in playing, exploring and reaching
into new worlds of inspired fulfillment?

Answer these few questions and let me know what you think and where you’d like to go from here!

Do you feel you have more to give?

Is there anything you gave up, that you wish you had back or could do right now?

Does the possibility of limitless joy, creativity and self-expression intrigue you?

Share your thoughts and comments here on my blog.
Just join me in this consideration! “Do you want to have it all?