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Your Guide To Working With The Streams of consciousness

The simple elegant way to start engaging with these New Energies.

This is the companion guide to her new book :
Discover The Twelve Hidden Frequencies of Creation.
Activate Your Higher Calling and Uplift Our World. 

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Dancing in the Streams of Consciousness
Invocations Journey: audio course, journal and guide

Gracefully and powerfully move into alignment with each Stream of Consciousness. Beautiful, vibrationally aligned audio course guides you to experience a clear, harmonious resonance with each of the streams and your connection with the Divine.

14 Audio mp3 Tracks + Journal and Guide

The Invocations Journey audio course includes the meditations, practices and chants with experiential music. You can join in the chants and chant together, you can listen to the chants and immerse yourself in the energies that are called forth and you can flow in the energies. 

You can listen to my voice and feel the flow and frequencies moving and guiding you.

The Streams of Consciousness Invocations audio course includes Sacred practices and invocations that create your most vibrationally aligned experience

Beautiful Calling Forth the Streams chants
High frequency meditations
Invocation Guide Book
Invocations Journal
Invocations Journey - audio course

With the Invocations Journey course, you can immerse yourself even more.
This course has three parts.

One - The Invocations Guide - PDF

One - The Invocations Guide - PDF
The Invocations Guide gives you a clear outline of ways to create your direct connection with the Divine though journeying within a Stream Of Consciousness.

Two - The Invocations Journey - Audio

Two - The Invocations Journey - Audio
This is the full audio of the chapters and the audio recordings of the Invocations and Calling Forth of each stream, including the meditations, practices and chants with experiential music.

Three - The Invocations Journal - Interactive PDF

Three - The Invocations Journal - Interactive PDF
This guided journal enhances and affirms your experiences, transformations, healing, insights and more, as you flow within the Streams Of Consciousness. This is an interactive PDF where you can write in the file, express your insights and transformations all within an activated journal of frequencies.