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Soul Beauty 

Guided Meditation and Teaching

Experience elegant shifts to higher frequencies and blessings in this audio meditation. This special mediation guides you to know and celebrate your Soul Beauty. The  frequencies contained within this meditation can lift you into higher realms of your own soul being. 

Each time you listen, a new aspect of your soul shines bigger and brighter.

Bigger Vision Journal

This Bigger Vision Journal is for you, Dear One! 

Be present to the Guidance you Receive. Celebrate your Soul Purpose, Bigger Vision and Contribution to our World.

Your Bigger Vision is your future destiny, and:

it holds your sacred gifts, 
brings you into a new revelation of being 
and makes a difference the world.

This Bigger Vision Journal is a companion to Lumari’s Session and practice. In the Life Transformation summit. It is the sacred space to hold your Bigger Vision, your Personal Vision Anthem, your thoughts, insights, inspiration, revelations and transformation.

Each page holds more space to help you build your Bigger Vision

In this Bigger Vision Journal, feel into your heart and soul space and listen for the answers, inspiration, transformations and awakening, now.

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