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Share your Gifts. Do what you Love. Make a Positive Difference in the World.

Welcome Leaders, Artists, Healers, Creatives, Visionaries and Social Enrepreneurs!
You are truly important to the evolution of our world. You have a calling to share your gifts, talents, art, healing and vision with our world. We need you!

We need you to fulfill your greatness! Dont waste any more time waiting to become your true self.

Don’t struggle to bring your vision to real success in a global platform, when in one morning session you can experience the transformation, clarity and healing that will shift your energy and lift you to your real heights.

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Spend a morning with Lumari and come away with real changes, deep insights and bring your Future into Focus. Your Heart of Destiny session will help you creatively step into your destiny. This special session will help you to powerfully share your gifts and "Engage Your Core Centered Purpose."

In your private Heart of Destiny session with Lumari you’ll be introduced to her powerful methods for transformation. Lumari’s unique Energy Mastery System of Healing, Transformation and Creation will uncover the Divine possibilities in your life . . . and that is only the beginning.

Clients who choose a Private Heart of Destiny session experience greater transformation in less time.

This powerful, individualized and concentrated session is your chance to explore and experience where vision, freedom, self-expression, spirituality and personal growth combine to give you a rich, fulfilling and purposeful life.

This is an advanced program for greater success, spiritual alignment and life purpose. Receive the guidance to Live Your Destiny as a leader, creative, artist, visionary, healer and social entrepreneur.

You are ready for Lumari’s Heart of Destiny if you want to…

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  • Align your spiritual, business and personal life
  • Explore your Deep Soul Connection
  • Embrace and become the Leader and Visionary that you know you are
  • Increase your Creativity, Inspiration and Self Expression
  • Have a breakthrough in your Art, Healing and Mission to create in a new way
  • Engage in profound Personal Transformation and Planetary Evolution
  • Have a clear and enlightened Mentor to support your spirit and dreams

Your Private Heart of Destiny Session helps you

  • Uncover your core strengths to reveal your greatness
  • Center and Clear your personal energy and Receive a real boost to your power, joy and freedom
  • Understand your Creativity, Awaken new levels of Healing and Celebrate your Role as a Leader
  • Experience your higher vibrations and Discover a Deeper Soul Connection
  • Gain new perspective about your Life Purpose and feel empowered with clarity and peace of mind
  • Make a firm commitment to Fulfill your dreams and succeed in your chosen path

Included in your Heart of Destiny Session

  • 1 Heart of Destiny Private Coaching Session
  • Question and Answers Personal Interview to bring a high level of focus to this session
  • Intuitive Consultation and Coaching
  • Specific directed work and coaching for agreed upon goals and actions
  • Energy Mastery meditation

Bonus Items Included with Your Heart of Destiny Session

Bonus Self Discovery Soul Quest – your personal quest revealed

Special Centering Meditation – audio download

1 Personalized Shollamaya™ Healing Session to help you resonate to the new energies you are ready to attract and receive

1 Express Coaching Session scheduled upon completion of your Heart of Destiny session

Your Heart of Destiny session is the essential ingredient that gives you clarity, deep spiritual connection, intuitive insight, concrete action strategies that you are looking for, and focused one-on-one time with Lumari.

Heart of Destiny Session is available by application only.
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