Meditations with Lumari - Increasing Joy Meditation

Increasing Joy Meditation - Alawashka Meditation for Joy
Joy is the natural expression of our hearts. This meditation creates a light, free flowing energy of joy, peace and ease. Celebrate your life and spirit in this meditation for joy. Expand the core of your being. Experience True Joy.

In this meditation, Lumari infuses the frequencies of Alawashka, the Language and Vibration of Creation, into a meditation to increase joy. It is the appreciation of the wonder of being alive. Through connecting with the energies of Joy in the universe and in your own heart, and working with the Language of Creation and Active Sacred Geometry, you can experience the Exuberance, Delight, Tenderness, Appreciation, Acceptance, Suchness and Presence of JOY.

Now, take a deep Breath.
Relax and get ready to participate in this meditation to open and experience more Joy in this moment and in Your Life.

You just received a small sample of the energies Alawashka engages. Lumari’s book, Alawashka, reveals so much more.


Learn about the nature of Creation, the evolution of humanity and the power of sacred language that can help you achieve an awakening that will change your life. Tthis book introduces Alawashka to our world to raise into levels of higher awareness and vibrations so we can create our world with the beauty, harmony, appreciation, integrity and love that will honor and sustain us for a very long time.

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