Living Inspired

Do you want a boundless connection to your Creativity,
to engage your Divine Soul Purpose,
to live from a place of Joy, Wonder and Fulfillment
and feel unstoppable?
That is Living Inspired! That's what you want!

Living Inspired 5 Week Training

Living Inspired completely alters how you live your life in a rich, joyful and powerful way. Living Inspired brings new insights, greater vision, more possibilities, added opportunities and spiritual blessings. You are energized and sparked by the magic of the Divine and abundance streams into your life. Living Inspired is a spiritual super power.

I am inviting you to join our new Living Inspired Training and break through the barriers and false limitations that stop you from Living Inspired, so you can experience results that are in line with your higher self and your soul purpose. Join our mystical exploration into the Divine Gifts of Living Inspired.

I’ve discovered very powerful secrets about inspiration. This New Training reveals and teaches you a new way of accessing active inspiration so you can

  • Dissolve the confusion that can distract you from your calling, creativity, purpose and success
  • Discover the unlimited source of your personal wisdom and unique resonance
  • Live in Sacred Fulfillment joining the love in your heart, the purpose of your soul and your inspired vision
  • Create the art, music, healing, transformations, businesses and innovations you are meant to create

In writing my new book, Living Inspired with Lumari, I discovered the hidden truthes about inspiration. I am here to break these long held myths so you can explore that boundless joy, creativity, spirituality and meaning that Living Inspired provides.

Living Inspired is active.

If you know what these vibrational frequencies and qualities are, if you know what to perceive, you can actively participate in your own inspiration. When you are Living Inspired, life becomes illuminated! The blessings and results coming from these frequencies and these teachings brings your unique expression into the world in more gracious abundant and beautiful ways.

This Living Inspired Training you will

  • Understand and Heal the blocks and illusions about inspiration that separate you from Living Inspired
  • You will have a boundless connection to your creativity and healing
  • Discover new ways to unleash active inspiration to generate success, prosperity and opportunities for more
  • Raise your personal resonance to accept and generate deep, true joy and delight
  • Engage more personal energy, capacity and freedom to live your dreams
  • Create a greater personal and global vision that will uplift your life and our world

This Living Inspired Training will help you create a strong connection to your creative spirit. You will heal the disconnect that you have with your greater destiny and integrate your soul strength, so that you can joyfully thrive. You will have the capacity and energy to go beyond the limitations and really play.

Living Inspired Training is based on the amazing frequencies that I have discovered and translated. The blessings and results coming from these frequencies and teachings are unique to each individual. These new frequencies of living inspired support you and encourage you to bring your personal gifts, your unique expression into the world in more abundant, successful and uplifting ways.  

In the first ever Living Inspired group coaching program, these miraculous changes occured

ERIN released and healed a deep loss in her life. During her training she finally found abundant strength and joy. This whole process changed how she actually sees the world. She really knows joy beyond her dreams. And she's ready to taking her healing work to an international level, traveling the world bringing her healing gifts to others.

ANNA discovered and reconnected with true love and creativity in a really big way. She found her soulmate and moved to a gorgeous new home with him. Now, she is celebrating her true love and she is immersed in a new creative venture. During this coaching she also expanded her business and her wealth. Now she is sharing love and powerful inspiration in her life.

LYNN is really exploring and soaring with the new energies of Living Inspired in her life. Through the initial coaching program Lynn has increased the sales of both of her works and is now in the process of creating the dance choreography to express the themes of one of her fabulous books. Not only that, Just in the first two weeks of this year Lynn has triple the sales from her books by applying these special teachings, vibrations and trainings.

These are three wonderful people who shifted into greater levels of their joy and purpose in my first Living Inspired Coaching Program. Now, I am offering the opportunity to experience the ART of Living Inspired, the Awakening, Revelation and Transformation of Active Inspiration.

It’s time to heal the disconnect with true, active inspiration and re-integrate your soul strength feel the boundless nature of your deep creativity and create the transformation you want in your life and our world.

Living Inspired Training is a 5-week course

  • The Second session will focus on the secret components of true inspiration. This is the A.R.T. of Living Inspired the Awakening, Revelation and Transformation of Active Inspiration.
  • The Third session will open you to Awakening and how Active Inspiration creates an special awakening in you
  • The Fourth session will focus on Revelation. This is another secret energy that Active Inspiration imparts and that we are going to explore.
  • And the Fifth session will focus on Transformation and how Living Inspired creates powerful Transformation in your life and how you can engage that transformation.

Who is a good fit for this course?
Spiritually aligned, heart centered people, creatives, artists, visionaries, innovators, teachers and healers who are ready to Live Inspired every day. If you are ready to take your inspiration higher than ever before, this training is for you. If you are soul centered, spiritual and open to new ways to connect with your purpose and Live Inspired, this training is for you.

Each week for 5 weeks we will break apart the illusions that keep you from expanding, soaring and thriving from your soul. NEW TRAINING COMING THIS FALL!

Get a head start on these amazing teachings and energies

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