Midori Verity interview with Lumari

Forgiveness, Self Love and HeartShifting
clear the path to attract more love in your life

Midori Verity is considered by many to be one of the most innovative and successful marriage & communication coaches. She takes couples that want to elevate their relationship, are no longer connected, or are struggling, and shows
them how to press the reset button, to develop a more successful one.

Midori is the author of, “Secrets to a Kickass Marriage”, show host to, “The Kickass Relationship Show”, and is the founder of the “Couples & Bubbles Events & Retreats”.

Sharing Wisdom:

  • Build a Thriving Relationship & Life
  • Discover your behavior profile and personality type
  • Become more successful at communicating

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SHOPPING FOR A MAN: The Ultimate Woman's Guide To Dating A Really Great Guy

Don’t change yourself. Change how you shop. Learn how to date a really great guy without changing who you are, playing games or sacrificing yourself. Finally! Self-discovery through shopping! Get ready for a fun book filled with wisdom teachings, healing, visualizations and fabulous shopping tips that will help you date a fabulous guy who's the right fit for you! That's what you want!

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Shopping For A Man Journal: Write your own love story

Celebrate your beautiful journey of self-discovery, clarity and healing with your Shopping For A Man Journal.

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