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This is the Live Teleseminar Event that will

Get ready to experience the step by step system that will allow you to recreate your relationship to money, and help you attract more clients, generate more wealth, attract fantastic opportunities, work with inspired people and fulfill your purpose and destiny.

HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA in my live event. Healing your negative money karma will clear the blocks, limits and difficulties with money. Then, you will Build your GOOD MONEY KARMA to increase your wealth-being and success. You'll create more positive energy, celebrate your gifts, live your purpose, have more joy and fulfillment and start LIVING INSPIRED.
That's what you want!

Healing Your Money Kama changes your whole life!
When your Heal Your Money Karma you improve your relationships, your business, your wealth, your health, your home, your work,
your community and our world!

Your Money Karma is the relationship you have with money based on your entire existence as a soul in consciousness. 98% of all people on this planet have Money Karma. Good MONEY KARMA can help you create the prosperity, fulfillment and global enlightenment you dream. Negative MONEY KARMA can block you from seeing, knowing and living your own inner truth.

If you're reading this, you already know about some of the effects of Negative Money Karma in your life. Negative MONEY KARMA can block you from the joy and freedom to share your gifts and live your purpose. It can keep you from feeling a deep connection with life and with those you love. Negative MONEY KARMA can stop you from attracting love, success, community and opportunities. That's why you're here. You are ready to heal the negative and increase the good money karma for fabulous changes that uplift and inspire you!

This NEW HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA workshop helps you increase the Good Money Karma in your life so you can create the life, success, and vision you dream. In my new HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA workshop, you will generate, attract and increase your good money karma, while you clear, heal and release the negative karma that limits you.

In this HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA workshop you will INCREASE your GOOD Money Karma so you can have success, live abundantly and feel great about it!

I have a personal commitment and purpose to help uplift our world. I open new energies and awareness to help you and our world evolve, grow and thrive. My new workshop, “Heal Your Money Karma,” evolved from my personal exploration of money, energy, healing, humanity and evolution. It is a direct response to so many people whose negative money karma stopped them from growth, love, purpose, joy and fulfillment.

When you “Heal Your Money Karma” you clear the energies around money, worthiness, generosity and soul purpose while you heal, release and clear your limitations, beliefs and past life connections. In this workshop, we're going to boost, increase and create even more good money karma in your lfe.

This will make a difference in your own life and in our world. I am really excited to help you shift the Money Karma in your life, so you can joyfully move into greater prosperity, freedom and flow.

You have a vision and you have gifts to share with our world.


In my HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA workshop, you're going to increase your GOOD MONEY KARMA, so you can live in joy, freedom and harmony. It's going to be life-changing fun that will continually bless your life!

You can live your purpose and share that with others. You can create a powerful, never-ending flow of money, business, prosperity, health, love and Divine Inspiration to help you accomplish your life’s purpose here in this world.

We're going to increase the wealth-being in every aspect of your life and create an abundance of good money karma, so you can shine in every aspect of your life and contribute to our world in powerful, delightful ways.

In this workshop I will show you how to Heal Your Money Karma and ...

  • Learn how to build and increase your good money karma and see immediate, positive results
  • Discover how to open the way for more prosperity and success in your life and business
  • Learn how to make your Good Money Karma grow Exponentially
  • Generate the freedom and joy it takes to live your true calling in life
  • Have more healthy, rich and empowering relationships with the people in your life
  • Increase your business and success and reach more people with your wisdom, healing and gifts
  • Clear the beliefs, patterns and fear-based relationships to money, wealth, fame and abundance
  • Learn to align with the universal and divine frequencies of money, prosperity, wealth and success
  • Experience powerful energy activations and meditations that permanently align you to your destiny and purpose to your highest soul's expression an purpose
  • And so much more!

What does it feel like when you Heal Your Money Karma?
Hear what these people have to share!


Hiro Koyama – Business Owner/Entrepreneur
Osaka Japan

To achieve the next levels in your life, clearing your Money Karma is highly recommended.

I was able to shift my energy and see things from a higher level. My concerns about money are no longer a big issue. In Lumari’s workshop I really centered myself and can be in the present moment. I can create my goals without concern. To achieve the next levels in your life, clearing your Money Karma is highly recommended.


Monica Heiz – Life Coach
Long Island, NY

Working with Lumari has been life changing!

Participating in Heal Your Money Karma has provided clear, detailed insights into my past, expanded my awareness to see opportunities to transform and created huge shifts in healing from past experiences around relationships and money.

The magical feeling of high vibration along with lightning fast action and results holds me in a fierce space of creating, a signature of Lumari's. The substantial energy is a space for me to reach and grow, a place where I thrive.

I have so much fun with Lumari, and the results continue to exceed my expectations. Lumari's playful, joyful and creative energy ignites and inspires, beyond imagination, with limitless possibilities. I love the guided meditations she instructs, full of rich powerful, exquisite energy that creates shifts in an instant.

Lumari is truly an energy master and loves sharing her gifts with others to create more abundance in all aspects of their lives.


Mary Zimmerman – Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant and Project Manager in both public and privately held companies.
Orinda, California

Listen in to the Amazing results for Mary - three weeks after the event, Mary generated over $350,00.00 in business!


Janine Gomez – School Designer
Hyattsville, Maryland

This workshop was truly transformative and life altering.

This workshop was truly transformative and life altering. I am even more expanded and taller (spiritually) than I ever imagined. I learned that my past life experience is at the core of my beliefs about money in this lifetime.

At this workshop I received the understanding that my healing is real. I received the awesome gift of knowledge about myself and about my blockages. I also had the opportunity to heal these blocks and received the encouragement to be open to new possibilities. I will generate the wealth I need to be free to be all that I am.


Lynn Swanson – Writer, Dancer, Choreographer
Silver Springs, Maryland

I received an opening for a new stream of income as soon as the workshop was over! 

I received an opening for a new stream of income as soon as the workshop was over!  Immediately after this workshop,
I met a documentary filmmaker who is in the process of a shooting a film about dance. She asked me to be a consultant for her film. 

During this weekend workshop I went from feeling I was in a tight box to being completely open to wealth in perfect timing. In just a short period of time this workshop offered me the insights I needed so I could shift in my life. My healing was clear. The new opportunities couldn't roll in fast enough!


Julie Pershin – D.O.M.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Lumari’s guidance was clear and expedient – and also potent.

Before this workshop, manifesting enough money was my biggest challenge. Then, in Lumari’s HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA workshop, I healed the past life and it’s belief that if I amass large amounts of money I will be lonely, isolated and separated from my loved ones.

I feel a much stronger, more expansive energy, now. Lumari’s guidance was clear and expedient – and also potent.

As a result, I have joined the Money Karma mastermind group.

Are you ready to:

  • Shift any internal money blocks that stop you from taking action and getting results
  • Reclaim power & control over your life, so you can live life on with joy, love, freedom and grace
  • Attract and receive more money and open to the flow of prosperity
  • Have the financial freedom to make more empowered choices
  • Live a life of passion, purpose and prosperity, while making a difference in the world

It's time to Stop the negative karmic repetition of stressful and energy-leaking patterns, beliefs, agreements, guilt and behaviors around money, power, leadership, success and freedom.

You can forge a new relationship with money based on your current spiritual values and create GOOD MONEY KARMA that will uplift your life and our world.

Can you picture the results you will have in your life and in the lives you touch

Join me in this powerful training, so I can share these special teachings, healings, clearings and techniques with you.

You will create your new relationship to money, success, wealth, leadership, purpose and prosperity that will change your life and uplift our world.

Imagine the abundant possibilities that await you!


Meet Your Heal Your Money Karma® Mentor, Lumari

Lumari helps spiritually minded Healers, Artists, Creatives and Social Entrepreneurs discover their deeper selves, open to powerful possibilities and celebrate success, freedom, inspiration and fulfillment.

As an Energy Master, Intuitive Coach, author and workshop leader, her work has touched the lives of thousands of spiritually minded people throughout the world.

Lumari offers Personal Coaching Programs and Energy Mastery Coaching Programs. Her advanced energy consciousness and spiritual evolution techniques, combined with specific personal and practical steps, help her clients take powerful steps for their destiny and soul purpose, reach inner fulfillment and flourish and thrive in life.

She is the author of the spiritual celebrated books: Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression and Alawashka: Language of Creation and Living Inspired with Lumari. She is the leader of numerous soul growth and healing workshops and the creator of a powerful, advanced vibrational healing system, the Shollamaya Sacred Healing training.