Akashic Meditations




Akashic Meditations with Lumari increase awareness, healing and spirituality
The Akashic Records are the oldest and most ancient system of Wisdom. They hold the vast resources of all occurances throughout time. It is said that the moving of nations and the fluttering of a bird’s wings are all written in the Akashic. Throughout time, people have looked to access the Akashic Records for personal growth and for broader information about spiritual and global events.

Connect with your personal records and experience a new joy, freedom and appreciation of your life!
Our meditations with the Akashic provide us with expansive opportunities for personal growth, awakening and healing.In these meditations, we will move into a personal resonance with the Akashic and access wisdom to benefit our lives. Each meditation will hold and tune into different aspects and pathways to wisdom.

Meditations Guided by the Akashic
These choices and avenues of exploration in our meditations will be selected by and guided by the Collective Keepers of Divine Expression. The Collective Keepers are the great beings who attend to the Akashic Records. They have initiated this series of meditations to help each and all of us to explore new pathways of wisdom for our own personal lives and for the greater awakening and evolution of our world. They support our greater understanding and appreciation of our deeper personal nature and our opportunities for transformation. Their guidance in these meditations is a gift of spirit and life.

Lumari is the author of the book, “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression.” In this book channeled by Lumari, the Keepers of the Akashic discuss their system, its workings and the ways to access the vast resources of Divine Expression they have collected and contained for all of time.


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