Emerge Dancing CD


Songs for Creation, Manifestation and Illumination. Experience sacred music of the Goddess channeled by Lumari and sung in the Alawashka, the language of creation. These songs will fill your heart with love, open your mind to illumination and help you receive healing, enlightenment and joy. Emerge Dancing is a Soul’s Journey that you can dance to, meditate with and sing your joy and true being into the world!



Track List

1. Shanta May – Within My Dreams 6:27
2. Shena Anshaka – Calling Forth My Destiny 4:32
3. Anya Abado – Dearest Crystal One 6:10
4. Haya Wansha – Lift Me Into the Calling Forth 7:15
5. Haleeya – in My Heart 3:52
6. The Galata – Milk of the Universe 5:57
7. Alima Ansho – My Call Is Answered 5:31
8. Shalla Shalla – Praised Be, Praised Be 5:41


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