Shopping For A Man
Don’t change yourself. Change how you shop! Finally! Self-discovery through shopping!

This is a warm, wonderful book that tells you exactly what to do to transform the quality of your dating life.” Brian Tracy

Shopping For A Man, reveals how to find deeper personal fulfillment and create a lasting, meaningful relationship without playing games or sacrificing yourself.

Get ready for a fun book filled with Lumari’s wisdom teachings, visualizations and evolutionary shopping tips will help you date a fabulous guy who’s the right fit for you.

This liberating, transformative book is full of fun, wisdom and soul for women of all ages that will energize your dating experience.


Lumaris Guide to crystals and gems ebook

Living Inspired With Lumari
In this groundbreaking book, Lumari breaks apart the myths that rob you of the true vibrations of living inspired. She reveals the the ART of Living Inspired, so you can create your own illumination and positive purpose – every moment.
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Akashic Records book

Akashic Records
Learn about the Akashic Records and the Beings who hold the Wisdom of the Ages. Lumari's book, AKASHIC RECORDS, is the first book to interview and channel direct communication with the Akashic. Discover who the Akashic Records are, how their system of Universal wisdom really works and how to achieve a connection of your own.
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Alawashka the original language of creation book

Discover the nature of Creation, the evolution of humanity and the power of Alawashka, the original sacred language. Channeled by Lumari, the words, energies and wisdom in this book contain vibrations of universal healing and cosmic transformation, and can initiate your passage into higher consciousness and healing, just by reading it.
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