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Lumari's NEW book... Best Seller and
Multi-Award Winning book!

This is a warm, wonderful book that tells you exactly what to do to transform
the quality of your dating life.

Brian Tracy - Speaker/Author - Find your Ballance Point

The Ultimate Woman's Guide To Dating A Really Great Guy

Are you ready to find a really great guy to share a magnificent, long-term, relationship and have fun dating? It’s time to go Shopping For A Man!

In her new book, Shopping For A Man, Lumari, internationally acclaimed intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher and healer, reveals secret dating tips to help you bust the illusions about dating, find deeper personal fulfillment and create a lasting, meaningful relationship without playing games or sacrificing yourself.

Finally! Self-discovery through shopping!

This empowering dating guide celebrates you. It’s full of fun, wisdom and soul for women of all ages.

Each chapter of this book is filled with wisdom teachings, healing, visualizations and evolutionary shopping techniques and practices that give single women new ways of thinking, and useful, practical expertise on how to find and date a fabulous guy who's the right fit for you! That's what you want!


These fun and powerful evolutionary shopping techniques will help you

  • get rid of outmoded ideas and beliefs to make room for your shopping success
  • keep your focus clear amidst the bargains and knock-off’s
  • learn the powerful clues and signs so you know the difference between fabulous and flawed
  • find your perfect fit

Don’t change yourself. Change how you shop.

This liberating, transformative Women’s guide to dating engages your mind, heart and spirit to help you honor, understand, value and celebrate who you are and what you really need and energize your dating experience. This is the Women’s dating guide you’ve been waiting for that creates a path to your dating success!

The Power is in Your Hands.

If you love men and you love shopping, this is your book! And if you don’t know much about expert shopping, yet, Lumari’s special training will show you how to find a great guy, make dating fun and how to go Shopping For A Man!

It’s time to go Shopping For A Man!


Reviews & Testimonials:

"This is a warm, wonderful book that tells you exactly what to do to transform the quality of your dating life."
Brian Tracy - Speaker/Author - Find your Balance Point


"I've read too many dating books. This one had me chuckling and inspired me with a sense of hope.
There is so much dating advice that centers on game playing and manipulation rather than addressing the authentic reality of two individuals moving forward into an honest relationship. Shopping for a Man respects single women and teaches powerful and fun techniques to discover if someone is the right "fit" for us.

If you're a single woman who wants to get rid of the dread and despair around dating you need to read this book and share it with your girlfriends!"

Lisa Simone Richards


“I loved your book! It was enjoyable to read, cleverly written, funny, and will surely be of immense help to anyone trying to find the right man. I am eager to share those tips with my daughter who is divorced, discouraged about dating, and believes all the good guys are already taken. One of the first illusions you discuss.

As a psychologist, I wish I could have given this book to each of my clients who had relationship problems (it could have contributed to it being a bestseller). You focused not on just finding the right man but about being the best woman in the process. Your affirmations and visualizations will help immensely in building self-esteem for all who read it.

Not only do your give great examples of what to look for in a man, I'm using those skills in cleaning out my closet and for clothes shopping in the future, an added bonus. Thanks!”

Karol Self, MA, LLP


“Lumari's book, Shopping For A Man, is a Fabulous Guide for women to Own their Power and get clear on what they want! She shares how to break through beliefs that great guys don't exist, because they do!”

-Heather Picken

Best Selling Author and Creator of the show, La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living


“A funny, and very practical book. It's not only about finding someone, it's about finding YOU. Wonderfully insightful and a great read for couples and singles alike.”

Alicia Gyetvai


“Are You Ready for Love?

My wife and I have taken life-coaching workshops with Lumari, and we attribute much of the health, viability, and longevity of our marriage to Lumari's spiritual guidance and wise counsel. This book is written in a clear, honest, and entertaining style, and is full of nuggets of relationship wisdom. Though written for women looking for a relationship that wears well, the book is equally edifying for guys who are ready to date women who know what they want. My advice is: read this book, get real, and prepare yourself for a harmonic convergence!”

Jess Stone



This is a joyful, uplifting & spiritual romp through the racks and aisles of blissful paths to finding your ONE perfect fit!

Liz Meyer



and MORE GOODIES to Come!

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