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Shopping for a Man

The Ultimate Woman's Guide To Dating A Really Great Guy

Lumari's NEW book... Best Seller and 

Multi-Award Winning book!

These Streams bring you greater awareness about your personal journey, create deeper understanding of people from different spiritual, cultural and world views and even different times. They  inspire humanity’s journey throughout Time.

Shopping for a Man


Streams of Consciousness

The Hidden Vibrations that Inspired our Spiritual Systems, Cultures and World View

The twelve Streams of Consciousness inspiring and awakening this planet have existed since the most ancient of times and yet, have remained hidden and unknown. It’s time to reveal these sacred vibrational pathways and alignments and bring to light the ancient wisdom that inspires and motivates humanity and our cultures throughout time. 

The Streams of Consciousness form the fundamental structures of our society, culture and tribal instincts. They are clear, high-frequency, spiritual energy fields, that were created for humanity by Great Beings to bring you continual, direct access to the Divine. Each of the twelve Streams of Consciousness has its own unique focus, spiritual direction, energies of transformation, teachings and attunements to the enlightening realms. Their vibrational acceleration opens your personal connection with the Divine. These streams of creative consciousness resonate with mystical, inspirational, healing and transformational vibrations to awaken your soul path, nurture your purpose and generate evolution and enlightenment.

Lumari explains how these Streams can bring you greater awareness of your personal soul journey and create a deeper understanding of people from different spiritual, cultural and world views. This advances humanity’s journey towards global harmony.

∞  Discover the teachings and vibrations of the Great Beings 
∞  Recognize the frequencies illuminating and guiding your soul
∞  Learn how you resonate with each individual Stream
∞  Engage the Calling Forth practices and meditations to re-align your higher knowing

Lumari channels, Alawashka, the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation in a collaboration of communication to enlighten and awaken humanity to the frequencies and vibrations of the Streams of Consciousness.

Experience the true resonance of Creation. Feel the amazing energy and profound spiritual openness from Alawashka. Learn about the true nature of humanity and your connection with the Divine. Lumari’s book, Streams of Consciousness, unveils these higher truths to create and activate a clear sacred pathway for timeless wisdom. These creation frequencies, teachings, and revelations can now be shared. Find out which streams you resonate with most and how they affect your life.

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Module 1

Sima Meditation

 Alawashka SIMA ~Joy Meditation
Actively participate with the Frequencies of Creation

The universe creates with joy. The Divine explores in a state of joy. 

I want to share a resonance of JOY with you, that arises from very special Alawashka sacred energies.

That’s what the Alawashka SIMA ~Joy Meditation is all about! More Joy!

Module 2

Resonating With Your Soul


With the wisdom teachings and meditations in this training, you can shift into a higher resonance and we new worlds of knowing.

Understand the truth about the power of your soul and purpose
Receive Intuitive Guidance, receive an answer to a question in this training
Feel higher frequencies and energy in your life right away.


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About the Author 


Energy Master, award winning and bestselling author of Streams of Consciousness

Lumari is a gifted internationally acclaimed intuitive life coach, Divine channel, visionary and bestselling author. She is a guide, catalyst and inspiration for personal and planetary change, evolution and awakening. For over twenty five years, she has shown clients all over the world how to celebrate their soul purpose, follow their highest destiny and awaken to creation. Lumari’s private coaching, spiritual training, books, and meditations bring joyful awakening, profound clarity and healing to raise awareness and Divine connection.

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