Bundle of Joy

Embark on a sacred journey to create more joy in your life.
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Lumari's Bundle Of Joy is a rich collection of inspiring ways to create and bring more joy in your life! It is a Joy Journey!

The Bundle of Joy includes my favorite practices and Meditations.

5 guided meditations and practices
Breathing Joy
Sima Joy Meditation
Open to Play
Opening to Joy
Let Go of Stress


Are you ready to move into greater joy in your life?
Joy lifts you into your higher self and expands your personal connection with the Divine. It is a gracious, expansive, opening and creative resonance of awareness. With JOY, you feel the light giggling inside you. You are ready to smile, to laugh, to sing, to explore, to dance, to awaken and to share. Joy is calming. Joy is exhilarating. Joy is awakening. Joy is being at peace. Joy is love.

The Breathing Joy meditation lifts your spirits, expands your awareness and increasea your joy.

SIMA JOY Meditation
This sacred meditation and chant in Alawashka, the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation activates joy with these words. Experience the pure flowing energies of joy aligning with you to the richness of light and delight.

Where do you want to play in your life? Can you add some playfulness in specific areas of your life? Right now, if you could take a real sense of wonder, delight curiosity, exploration and fun into one area of your life, what would that be?
Lumari's OPEN TO PLAY TODAY meditation and focus chant creates a joyfully, lighthearted opening so you can Increase the playfulness in your life

Open to more Joy in your life and align with affirming, light-filled energies, frequencies and qualities. Your life purpose thrives in joy. Your personal growth expands with joy. Your healing flourishes in joy. Wealth and success grow with joy.
This OPENING TO JOY MEDITATION spiritual guidance helps release the blocks you, and increase the joy and fulfillment in your life.
It also includes a focus special chant.

Don’t obsess. Let go of the stress. Immediately.
When you let go of stress, you increase your health, well-being, creativity, productivity, spiritual connection and radiant energy. Our lives are filled with hidden stresses that can undermine your focus, grace and ease. When you need a quick de-stresser, you need an easy way to relax and let go of stress. What’s great about this visualization from Lumari is that when you practice it you can release your stress much quicker and have less stress build up.

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BUNDLE OF JOY GUIDE PDF with guidance, insights and suggestions.
BUNDLE OF JOY JOURNAL PDF with new ways to write, explore and more in a multi-dimensional container for your expanding joy.

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