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Receive the Blessings of Pure Creation and Perceive the Universal Core!
Readers Share their Personal Experiences

Alawashka is "The Bible of the Millennium."
"ALAWASHKA is an inspiration and source for anyone who wishes to restore their conscious wholeness and re-align with the forgotten sound of the creative core of the Universe."
Springs Romano, Reverend and Doctor of Metaphysics - Hawaiian Islands

"Your book ALAWASHKA blows me away."
"Love it!."J.L. - England

"If I could Have Only One Book, ALAWASHKA is the One."
"This book is the clearest and most accurate book ever written on the history of the human race on planet Earth. Speaking the words of The Ancient Language Alawashka will open doorways of consciousness in your life."
Sage Holloway - Colorado

"Beautiful energy. The meditations in this book bring me great joy and spiritual knowing."
"I could feel this great connection with all of creation. I have never felt this connected and so deeply assured of my place."
A.C. - Hong Kong

"As soon as I saw this book I began shaking. The energy from it touched me even before I picked it up."
"I've never experienced that from a book. Now that I have read it, I understand why! It is profound. You are reclaiming our lives and restoring our wholeness. I can feel the healing and this language holds so much Divine energy it is endless. What a blessing for my life"
Carla James - Canada

"I experienced such energy coming from this book, that I felt a healing in the bookstore."
"Over and over I read the beauty within this book. These words and this language can heal our world. It is true. Thank you for this gift."
P.L. - Iceland

"This book is life changing! I read the words and the meditations and my heart just opened."
"I could feel the past melt away. I could see my life and my aura holding more light and more joy. I have done meditation for many years an have not felt this kind of energy - and only from a book!"
R.I. - Scotland

"I've pursued about every spiritual path known to man / woman kind throughout my adult life, but nowhere along the way have I experienced the joy which has come to me as a result of the poetry and practices in your book."
Herb Rothgarber - New York

"This is amazing. Everything you write makes so much sense. It rings of truth.""
You have shared the true but hidden history of humanity and brought the Goddess back into our world."Charles Perkins - Australia

"I have never read a book that has touched my inner self and heart so deeply and profoundly."
Bonnie Marceau - Visionary Artist - Wisconsin

"I just finished ALAWASHKA! I was most impressed with the liquid flow of the message and deep down I felt it was the truth." "The spiritual history given is remarkable and the wise and loving advice is moving."
Lynn Swanson - Writer - California

"This is a book that keeps on expanding my awareness." "I've read it four times. Each time, I perceive something new and open to new awakenings. It really does heal the past for ourselves and our planet. With each reading I can feel it grow!"
Maria Guilliano, CEO - New York

"When I read this book, my heart was so filled, I just wept." "The healing and power of Alawashka and Lumari’s amazing dedication to bringing it forward, moved me into such joy.
Thank you Lumari, for this gracious gift."
Sally Hearst, Healer - Texas

"Alawashka is the voice of a being in all of us that we have not heard for eons."
"She is the voice of a part of us so deeply "home," so familiar to our bones that we feel her before our mind even registers the fact. Lumari brings Alawashka to our yearning hearts."
Isis Astarte, Educator - California

"Since reading Alawashka Language of Creation, I have experienced such great healing and clarity, I can't begin to describe it.""I've been chanting the special prayers in Alawashka everyday. The physical and emotional healings and renewed energy I receive have totally changed my life."
William Donovan, Software Programmer - Alabama

"Lumari, thank you so much for this book." "My daughter sent it to me. She sings her children to sleep with one of the Alawashka songs. My grandchildren love it so much, they ask me to sing it to them, too."
Claire Bonavature, Retired Teacher - Wisconsin

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