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Higher Frequency Festival - Play in the Frequencies of Creation

Yes. everything is happening. 
Yes. It is crazy.
Yes. You can move into a new space, a more beautiful energy in moments.

Join Lumari for this One-Time Only Live Training

Book your Seat for Thursday, 2PM MT

This Live Training will shift your focus and your energy to higher spaces of being.

You might know that I work with and channel the Frequencies of Creation, Alawashka, to bring elegant multi-dimensional energies to our planet to to humanity. So, on Thursday I'm creating a live awakening, healing, expansive event so we can all join in a moment and experience these energies.

Do you want to play?

Do you want to have an immediate aligned shift that will give you breathing room?

Do you want to experience a new opening and possibility in your creativity, purpose, business and your life?

Don't Miss Out!  Join Me for this Exclusive Live Event on Thursday, 2PM MT

Here's a small sample of what I'll be covering when you join me Live!

Step #1

Bring more spirit, more healing and more light into your own life and into our world

Step #2

Raise your vibrations, 
create healing and bring joy,
 fulfillment and contribute to their lives.

Step #3

Shift gracefully into rich and nurturing in moments

Hosted by Lumari

Lumari is a gifted internationally acclaimed intuitive life coach, Divine channel, visionary and bestselling author. She is a guide, catalyst and inspiration for personal and planetary change, evolution and awakening. For over twenty five years, she has shown clients all over the world how to celebrate their soul purpose, follow their highest destiny and awaken to creation. Lumari’s private coaching, spiritual training, books, and meditations bring joyful awakening, profound clarity and healing to raise awareness and Divine connection.

Join my free Higher Frequency Festival to shift your focus and your energy to higher spaces of being.

This will be a LIVE call on ZOOM - so just register here
Invite your friends, too! Share this link and email with them so you can
 feel these shifts together!

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