Create and Activate Your Bigger Vision online course from Lumari

You are more than you know.
Your Soul’s Higher Calling is asking you to Live your Bigger Vision.
Your Bigger Vision is the dream that your soul is yearning to create to express your gifts and to make a huge difference in our world.

Most people never realize that they have a Bigger Vision because it is beyond your purpose, this is so much bigger.
Your Soul’s Higher Calling is asking you to fulfill your Bigger Vision in this lifetime.

So, what is your Bigger Vision?
Your Bigger Vision is beyond what you are doing and living right now.

Your Bigger Vision holds your own sacred gifts, your soul’s higher callings and your destiny and it is bigger than you know right now.

Your Bigger Vision expands your personal calling and creates a more expansive global influence.
It may be part of your unrealized dreams and you may not even know what it is yet!

Create and Activate Your Bigger Vision
That’s why I created this course Create and Activate Your Bigger Vision and why I lead my Private Coaching and Mastery Groups. I have been asked and guided to teach you and help you Live your Bigger Vision, so you can fulfill your own higher calling and make a clear difference and bring new frequencies to our world in ways that are in perfect alignment with you!

When you Live your Bigger Vision, you are in synch with your calling, your life and more.
Your choices expand and your clarity becomes even brighter.
You can see new ways to participate – sharing your gifts in many ways.
You can make an even bigger difference – and that difference is in alignment with you – not what others think or feel – your Bigger Vision is more!

Where we play!
Create and Activate Your Bigger Vision is a 5 PART? series and online course. Each part of the contains 4-5 deep and transformational teachings, practices, visualizations and activations to guide you. In this course, you move from your present understanding of your now, into Your Bigger Vision which is the Higher Expression for your Soul’s Callings.

Create and Activate Your Bigger Vision is a fusion of many disciplines to awaken your greater vision, clear limitations, accelerate your brilliance and create your Bigger Vision.
And we’ll have fun doing it!

Vibrational, Creation, Healing, Intuitive, Transformational Systems at play!
I’ll be bringing in the energies of Alawashka, the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation to unveil, activate and engage your higher soul’s callings and dreams.

I’ll be connecting with my own multi-dimensional intuitive gifts and calling in high vibrational spiritual energies, which include the Akashic Records, Guides, and Divine Ones to help you in this journey.

I’ll be bringing in the Shollamaya Healing Frequencies and energies to help you gracefully move into your Bigger Vision with joyful understanding.

We’ll be doing a series of guided meditations, clearings, activations, journaling, and flowing with very powerful frequencies to create shifts and expansions.

Our Unleash Your Bigger Vision coaching program meets 1 time per week for 5 weeks to accelerate your brilliance aligned with your Soul. We’ll also exchange emails, you’ll have online downloads, meditations, some fun homework and more.

Don’t wait! Don’t hesitate. This is a pure accelerating journey to connect with your Bigger Vision!

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