Without Absorbing Negative Energy

6 Hours of Audio with workbooks and bonus Solo meditation mp3s

Dear Healers, Artists, Creatives, Visionaries, Leaders & Social Entrepreneurs

Did you know that all Healers, Artists, Creatives, Coaches, Leaders, and Social Entrepreneurs absorb energy from clients, associates, friends and other people and they don't even know that they do it?

Few people understand the powerful impact that absorbing negative energy has on each and every one of us. You might think that after a session and consultation with your clients, or after a great performance or after a high powered meeting, that it is natural and expected to feel tired, cranky, drained, weak, unclear, confused, sad and maybe even wiped out.

It is so common to feel this way, that most people think that it's just how it is. You might think this, too. You might think that sometimes you just get drained and have low energy after working or playing or being around groups of people. These feelings and low energy are so prevalent that it just seems normal.

Unfortunately it is normal, but it doesn't have to be that way for you. You don't have to be drained, confused, annoyed, edgy or tired at all. I'm going to show you how in this workshop.

You want to be energized, revitalized, clear and excited.

You want to feel light-hearted and inspired and positive about your work and your life.

You want to have continuous inspiration, love, harmony, success and appreciation flowing in all aspects of your life. 

AND you want your career and work to fulfill yourself and uplift others.

You are absorbing other people's energies and giving away your power if…

You often feel exhausted and depleted for no apparent reason
You feel successful, you are reaching your goals and doing good work, but you are still unsettled and sense that something is missing
You love working in groups but often leave feeling tired, drained, stressed and nervous

Being around certain people makes you feel sad, depressed, annoyed, anxious and even angry and you don't know why

You sometimes help other people even when you know they leave you tired and depleted

You have such great ideas and gifts to contribute, but you are just overwhelmed, unsure, unfocused and a little dejected

You feel so sensitive to circumstances that in a given day you have all sorts of doubts, concerns, stress and fears that may not really be yours

People's negativity, fears and criticism sabotages your creativity, inspiration and passion

You have difficulty setting boundaries and limitations and sometimes you feel used and unappreciated

You see your dream, your visions and your service so clearly, but you just don't seem to have the focus, time and energy to get there

Learn to hold clear energy for your Life Purpose and Destiny.

As an Energy Master, Life Coach, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, I see so many people absorbing the negative energies, emotions, judgments, fears and beliefs of the clients they serve and the people they love.

All of this negative energy is piling up inside you. Almost every person you meet, every client you see, every group you attend, compounds the problem and adds to the energy you absorb. It clouds your own energy, power and purpose.

Think about the number of people you contact in a typical day and you will start to understand how your energy gets drained and just how much energy you could be absorbing or giving away.

If you don't have your own clear energy to create the life you dream and serve your clients and our world then energetically, physically and emotionally this dilutes your effectiveness and pollutes your true energy.

When you don't live from your own energy and you are pulled by other people's beliefs, needs, fears, emotions and negativity, you feel and react to their fears, their negative beliefs, their pain, their sadness and their limitations. You are not living your own life. You are not holding clear energy for your own purpose and destiny.

Lumari channels Alawashka™, the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation from the Divine.

These sacred frequencies of Alawashka™ create and emanate resonance to activate awakening, healing, illumination, transformation, and more, reflecting the essence of oneness and the highest frequencies.

Lumari brings in and channels the energies of Alawashka™ in her meditations, music, in this course to bring these pure, creation and activation frequencies to you to create a clear vortex of energy for you.

In fact, almost every Visionary, Healer, Artist, Creative, Coach and Social Entrepreneur absorbs much more negativity because they are sensitive to energy, to their clients and their work and they don't realize that the energy and negativity they absorb affects them so deeply.

I will give you the tools, techniques, training and more 
to lift your spirit and place you right in the center 
of your own being, power and purpose, 
with energy to spare.

Luckily, you don't have to absorb anyone's negative energy and I am going to show you how to stay positive, vibrant, focused and whole. I'm going to show you the simple, easy and powerful ways to keep your energy clear, while you follow your destiny, embrace your dreams and be an agent of transformation and service in our world.

When you learn to stop absorbing negative energy you will

have more clarity, greater focus and be able to make decisions more easily
improve your health, increase your vitality and have energy to spare because your energy is really yours
live your life with greater purpose and follow your destiny without distraction, confusion and negativity
have more fun networking without being drained or frazzled
generate more money, increase your business and be much more effective because you will have less friction, resistance and energy drain with clients
improve your relationships with associates, clients, family and friends because you no longer absorb or react to their energy, fears and insecurities
have a richer sense of your Deep Self and increase your intuition and spirituality

As I teach courses on spirituality, creation and healing, it is clear to everyone that I have a very different approach to energy work than other spiritual and service professionals.

Everyone in my workshops loves the energies, clarity and profound changes they experience

Everyone in my workshops loves the energies, clarity and profound changes they experience because of how I work with energy in the room and how it supports their personal energy. They always receive more harmony, more love, more money and greater wisdom and freedom.

This is what inspired me to create this course 'CLAIM YOUR SPIRITUAL REAL ESTATE: How to Tune In and Be Open without Absorbing Negative Energy. The methods, meditations, teaching, and exercises I created are both practical and spiritual and they work.

This powerful and uplifting workshop will show you how to keep your energy clear and vibrant, as I reveal the best ways to stop absorbing other people's energy and negativity and how to gain new insights and a new appreciation for your true self. Once you know how to stop absorbing negative energy you will powerfully and effortlessly increase your wealth, health and fulfillment, right away.

Let me show you the step by step system that will allow you to transform your energy, increase your vitality and spiritual growth, attract more clients, generate more money, live your destiny and make a greater contribution to our world - starting now. Whether you're an established healer, artist, creative and social entrepreneur or are ready to become one, get poised to live your purpose with clarity, freedom, harmony and happiness.

Join me in this powerful home study course where I'll reveal to you a Done-for-You energy system including detailed templates, forms, checklists, special teachings, energy tunings and meditations so you can create your success, joy, vitality and freedom.

Here's just a small sampling of what you'll learn in this remarkable and
ground-breaking course:

How to instantly recognize and distinguish your own energy amongst the billions of swirling energies in our world
How to keep more of your own energy and raise it to higher levels
How to avoid giving away your power
Why being energetically clear makes you more effective, successful and valuable to your clients
How to release limitations, obstacles and beliefs that impede your growth and fulfillment
How to work with clear energy to attract more money, greater success and receive greater rewards
How to recognize and deflect the negativity that slows your financial success
Simple and effective ways to stop deferring to other people and follow your own destiny
Discover and remove the hidden blocks to your creativity and self-expression and attract more opportunities in your life
Connect to your Deep Self and experience higher levels of personal growth, health and awareness
Receive new frequencies of Healing, Creation and Divine Flow

So… are you ready to be energetically clear, present and whole making it easy for you feel vibrant, have more energy, do the work you love and move your business forward faster than ever before?

If you're reading this, you're ready. So let's get you started right now…

Yes, I'm ready to learn the CLAIM YOUR SPIRITUAL REAL ESTATE Secrets. I am ready to stop absorbing other people's energy and negativity. 

I am ready to gain new insights in my life and receive a deeper connection for my true self.

"Yes, I'm ready to get this valuable home study course: CLAIM YOUR SPIRITUAL REAL ESTATE!" Click here to order now and receive instant access to ALL recordings, downloadable worksheets, templates, scripts and more…

When I enroll in this special CLAIM YOUR SPIRITUAL REAL ESTATE home study course,
I will receive:

Session 1: DEEP SELF OPENING - Stay powerfully connected to your deep self and the Divine flow of Creation and Healing

In this training session you will:

Learn how much you are absorbing and influenced by other people’s energies
Find out just how much negative energy influences every area of your life.
Discover how you intuitively pick up other people’s energy
Notice how you absorb the energies of the world
Learn to perceive and distinguish your own personal energy

Session 2: ENERGY IN ACTION - Learn to distinguish your personal energy and how to perceive the Luscious boundaries of your Being

In this training session you will:

Realize how you absorb and are affected by extraneous energy
See how other people’s energy affects you and how it merges in you
Learn how you actually bring other people's energy into your own field and your own body.
Discover and Learn to chart your own energy

Session 3: HEALING AND UPLIFTING THE DEEP SELF WITH ALAWASHKA - Release old patterns. Receive energies that will boost your Creativity and Healing and Spiritual delight

In this training session you will:

Learn about your vibrational vulnerabilities
See how you give away your power
Experience the More Of You
Heal and release of old patterns and the energies you absorbed
Reach a powerful Connection with Divine Flow

Session 4: CLAIM YOUR ENERGY - Step into and Claim the Joy, Freedom and Fulfillment of your Gifts and your new Possibilities

In this training session you will:

Gain a new, clear vista of your life and work as a Healer, Artist, Creative, Visionary and Leader
Synthesize your new energy and perspective
Learn to Claim Your Spiritual Real Estate

We work with Alawashka’s energies of Creation and Healing to help you Connect more powerfully to the Divine Flow of Creation in the fullest possible way!


4 "Claim Your Spiritual Real Estate" MP3 Training audios, taught personally by Lumari.
4 Special clearing and healing meditation MP3 audios, so you can tune into these powerful clearing energies whenever you want!
PDF course checklists and tip lists - download these prior to listening to each of the 4 content sessions so you can follow along
BONUS "Claim Your Spiritual Real Estate" intentions training audio and PDF worksheet
All BONUS workbook, templates, checklists and forms.

During this course, you'll have many 'a-ha moments' that will demystify why you've been stuck absorbing negative energy and giving away your energy and specifically HOW to move forward attracting and keeping more ideal clients, in a powerful way.

You can access the entire series, right now, so don't delay, sign up for this special course right now.

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Keep your energy clear!

TAKE THE NEXT STEPS and Learn to STOP Absorbing Negative Energy.

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