Thank you Lumari. The meditations in your Bundle Of Joy are immediately uplifting.

After listening, I already feel so much lighter. That is so powerful!


This works! I listened to the meditations last night and woke up feeling so much happier. This is joy that is lasting.  Every time I listen, I keep on feeling more joy.

I love it!


Embark on a sacred journey to create more joy in your life.

The Universe creates in JOY.

JOY IS one of the highest vibrations of creation and participation. 
JOY IS clear, open, fluid and embracing.
JOY IS rich, fulfilling and expansive. 
JOY IS vibrant, uplifting, conscious awakening.
And JOY is contagious!

Your life purpose thrives in JOY.
Your personal growth expands with JOY.
Your healing flourishes in JOY.
Wealth and success grow with JOY.

Lumari's Bundle Of Joy is a rich collection of inspiring ways to create and bring more joy in your life! It is a Joy Journey!

The Bundle of Joy includes my favorite practices and Meditations.

5 unique, guided meditations and practices.
BUNDLE OF JOY GUIDE PDF with guidance, insights and suggestions.
BUNDLE OF JOY JOURNAL PDF with new ways to write, explore and more in a multi-dimensional container for your expanding joy.

Bring more JOY into your life now

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Lumari's Bundle of Joy Collection Includes:

Let Go Of Stress

Don’t obsess. Let go of the stress. 
When you let go of stress, you increase your health, well-being, creativity, focus, spiritual connection and radiant energy. And that means more JOY for you!

Listen to Lumari’s quick and easy de-stresser to help you let go of stress, immediately.


Play is light-hearted wonder, delight, curiosity and exploration.

When you play you have a real sense of fun, you follow your ideas to the biggest possibility and you're focused in a higher vibration. 

Listen to Lumari’s OPEN TO PLAY TODAY to increase the playfulness in your life.


Open to more Joy in your life, today.

Now you are going to create a greater opening for more joy, while you release limitations and whatever is blocking you. 

Listen to Lumari’s OPENING TO JOY and  your joy and fulfillment will expand.

Breathing JOY

Joy lifts you into your higher self and expands your personal connection with the Divine. Joy is an awakening, loving, opening, exhilarating and creative resonance of awareness. 

Listen to Lumari’s BREATHING JOY to lift your spirits, expand your awareness and increase your joy, just by breathing.


Listen to Lumari’s SIMA meditation and as you experience greater joy, you will be changing your life and uplifting our world - with the essence of joy

Easily Move into higher vibrations by connecting with SIMA the sacred alawashka frequency. Expand your levels of personal, emotional, spiritual and soul purpose in multidimensional ways. 

Bliss out! with the pure frequencies of JOY. 

Bundle of Joy Guide

BUNDLE OF JOY GUIDE aligns and inspires your Joy Journey.

As you read it, the Bundle Of Joy gives you guidance, and suggestions. This guide is full of inspiring, creative ways to experience and practice  the meditations. Don't wait to bring more joy in your life. Jump for Joy!

Bundle of Joy Journal

BUNDLE OF JOY JOURNAL is a sacred space filled with the awareness, focus and intention of your Journey Of Joy. You are creating a multi-dimensional container for more joy. This is your Joy Journey with inspiring quotes and guidance to increase the joy in your life. 

Now, with words, art and creative flow you can capture your inspiration, relish your transformations and celebrate more joy!

Purchase Today $47.00

Embark on your Joy Journey! and bring more joy into your life!

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