Lumari's Books

Streams Of Consciousness

Streams Of Consciousness: 

Discover the Twelve Hidden Frequencies of Creation. Activate Your Higher Calling and Uplift Our World.

A mind-altering, heart-opening, awakening journey into the cosmos, your divine nature, and our world.

This is your guide to remembering and aligning with the frequencies of consciousness and connecting not only with the Divine, but also with your deeper purpose to live as the visionary you're here to be.

Akashic Records.

Learn about the Akashic Records and the Beings who hold the Wisdom of the Ages. Lumari’s book, AKASHIC RECORDS, is the first book to interview and channel direct communication with the Akashic. Discover who the Akashic Records are, how their system of Universal wisdom really works and how to achieve a connection of your own.

Her book OFFERS clear insights from the Collective Keepers, REVEALS the secrets of the ancient system that contains the wisdom of the ages, EXPLAINS the inner workings of the Akashic and DESCRIBES new ways to access these vast resources to achieve personal illumination. 


Creation Frequencies of healing and illumination are coded into the very pages of this book and included in the meditations and chants!

Experience the true resonance of Creation. Feel the amazing energy and profound spiritual openness from Alawashka, the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation. Learn about the true nature of humanity and your own birth rite. As you read the true chronology and genesis of humanity you will experience specific energies to help release limitation and restore your own Divine nature. Each page, each word in this book will connect you to very specific vibrational frequencies and matrices that bring clear personal transformation, cosmic evolution and universal healing.

Living Inspired
 with Lumari

Engage the Lights of Awakening, Revelation and Transformation

LIVING INSPIRED WITH LUMARI: Engage the Lights of Awakening, Revelation and Transformation Imagine what your everyday could look like if you were Living Inspired. Feel the divine flash, wisdom and purpose of inspiration actively guiding you every day, instead of waiting and hoping for it to happen. 

In this groundbreaking book, Lumari, internationally acclaimed visionary intuitive coach, uncovers the misconceptions robbing you of the real capacity and access to the true vibrations of inspiration. She reveals the actual essence and spirit of inspiration, so you can create your own illumination and positive purpose every moment. 

Shopping For a Man

The Ultimate Woman's Guide To Dating A Really Great Guy

Don’t change yourself. Change how you shop.

Finally! Self-discovery through shopping!Get ready for a fun book filled with wisdom teachings, healing, visualizations and fabulous shopping tips that will help you date a fabulous guy who's the right fit for you! That's what you want! 

This empowering dating guide celebrates you. It’s full of fun, wisdom and soul for women of all ages. 

If you love men and you love shopping, this is your book! Let me show you how to go Shopping For A Man.

Breathing Magic

BREATHING MAGIC brings you into elegant states of being, vibration and intention to help you “breathe magic” into your life.

Magic is art. It’s an extraordinary and mystical influence of producing, creating and transforming a desired effect through intention, vibration, clarity, practice and skill. Lumari's book, learn to connect even more deeply with yourself and the creative force, and the magic and mystery in the world.

BREATHING MAGIC is a spiritual guide to activating magic through an embodied meditation practice Lumari calls, ’Active Conscious Participation.’  Breathing Magic,  creates and aligns you with inner joy, beauty, peace, love, healing and a deep sense of purpose.

30 Days to Greater Joy

In my book, 30 Days To Greater Joy, you will find many wonderful ways to bring more joy into your life. Go through the entire book, day-by-day and work with or really, play with the exercise on that day. The 30 day sequence of joyful actions is written so that each day builds upon the next to create a full, rich experience of joy.

Some of these exercises are very simple actions you can take. You can do them many times during the day to amplify your joy factor. 

This little book can change your life. Use these ideas to refocus you to receive more, joy, more energy and more delight. They address deeper levels of joy. These are practical methods that bring lasting joy. That is fabulous.


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