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Life Alchemy Mastery Program - Receive the Training and Empowerment you need to step into your greatest fulfillment as a Visionary Leader, Healer, Artist, Creative and Positive Change Agent.

This is your calling. And you know it’s time to fully be yourself in all of your truth, now. NOW, while we're here. Now, in this lifetime. Whether you are already a Visionary Leader, Healer, Artist, Creative and Positive Change Agent - or ready to become one, it's important to receive expert guidance to shift into the higher levels of your gifts and your destiny.

This is your time and this is our moment – to uplift and change our world. You have a personal resonance and impulse to fulfill your gifts and to be of service to the greater good, to make a real difference on this planet.

This is cause for celebration! Everything you have experienced has prepared you to step forward and bring your vision, gifts, healing and leadership to light! And, now that you are prepared to step forward and bring your purpose and gifts to light, you will benefit from Lumari’s expert guidance and coaching in her Life Alchemy Mastery Program.

Lumari’s Life Alchemy Mastery Program brings special high-level focus and continual, consistent, meaningful coaching brings you to phenomenal new levels of growth, expansion, success and greatness.

If you want to work with an expert spiritual centered teacher, practical guide and energy coach to
empower you for the long term, then Lumari’s Life Alchemy Mastery Program is for you!

Lumari works with an International clientele of Celebrities, Artists, Actors, Healers, Musicians, Innovators and Entrepreneurs who are Visionaries in their chosen fields. Her clients are more fully able to realize their Dreams by leveraging Lumari’s skills and guidance to create the life they choose.

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Lumari trains and coaches people who are ready to grow and ready to step into a higher, brighter and more powerful future.

 Lumari’s 9 month LIFE ALCHEMY MASTERY program helps you reach your goals and dreams in a spiritually uplifting and powerful way.

Lumari is now accepting new clients into her 9 month LIFE ALCHEMY MASTERY program. Please contact us right away to schedule an interview with Lumari to explore this unique opportunity to work with her one-on-one.

Life Alchemy Mastery Program is for you if:

You see yourself as a visionary, leader, healer, creative who has gifts that will change lives and change our world and...

The Life Alchemy Mastery Program is your fully customized 9 month program that supports your evolution and success, while helping you share your gifts and vision with our world. You’ll work one-on-one with Lumari to empower and support your vision, create your unique expression, empower changes, healing and transformation at all levels, while you continue to achieve greater health, wealth, success, joy and fortune.

Reach your dreams with speed, grace and clarity. 
Working with Lumari, a Visionary Intuitive, Energy Master, Healer and Spiritual Guide who is powerful, practical and successful, lifts your experiences to new heights and effectiveness.

As a Visionary and Healing Master of Creation, Lumari guides her clients to courageous success and helps them reach new levels in their personal growth, spiritual life and business success.

Lumari’s Life Alchemy Mastery Program provides a special high-level focus and private one-to-one coaching sessions. This special, elite program Integrates intuitive perception, purposeful coaching, energy alignments, Shollamaya Healing, consistent guidance and powerful tools, to create real positive change in your life, your work and your dreams. You will achieve phenomenal new levels of growth and success, so you can live your life’s work while you uplift and change our world.


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