Step out of the Money Karma Madness and 
into a New Wealth Consciousness.

In 3 weeks, YOU will heal, clear and release your dominating Money Karma
 so you can Free yourself to live abundantly

Lumari’s HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA Accelerated Intensive
WHAT IS YOUR MONEY KARMA? Your Money Karma is the relationship you have with money based on your entire existence as a soul in consciousness. Your Money Karma creates blocks to your life force, self expression and joy in life. It permeates every aspect of your life.

You can be a Self-Made Billionaire and have Money Karma. You can Inherit Wealth and have Money Karma. You can be a Social Entrepreneur and have Money Karma. You can be a Leader, Healer, Artist, Visionary and Creative and have Money Karma. Whether you have wealth, money and financial abundance or are working towards that, you have Money Karma.

If you have wealth and prosperity, your Money Karma creates imbalance. This imbalance steals your joy, generates guilt, or spending problems, feelings of unworthiness, overcompensation or fear that there is never enough. You can be a millionaire or a billionaire and still feel angry, fearful, driven, inadequate, insecure, overzealous and unworthy about money.

If you are working to build the wealth, prosperity and success you want and need, your Money Karma creates a hunger and alienation. This hunger and alienation generates guilt feelings of unworthiness or fear that there is never enough and you will never achieve what you need, want and dream. It will influence the jobs you take, the work you do, the relationships you make and the goals you attain.

MONEY KARMA is personal and it is global and it stands in the way of your greatness. Your Money Karma is in the way of your joy, freedom, relationships, connection and your wealth. Your Money Karma blocks you from the life you want to live. It steals your vitality. It limits your possibilities.

Your Money Karma is the result of…

All of your past lives effect your relationship to money and builds your Money Karma
All of your family dynamics generates your Money Karma
Your family ancestry, legacy and history creates more of your Money Karma
Your conversations with other people about money, jobs, career, banking, investments, retirement adds more to your Money Karma
Your opinions about the global economy increases your Money Karma, whether you think the economy is perfect the way it is or grossly distorted and manipulated
Every financial and spiritual book you’ve read about money and wealth
Your beliefs, assumptions and fears about money, success, fame, wealth, power and leadership multiply your Money Karma
Your personal experiences with money, work, investments, savings, retirement, career choices and opportunities – taken or not - creates your Money Karma.

Are you ready to Clear Your Past and Accelerate into Fulfillment and Purpose?

If you are reading this, you are ready. If you do not want to stand by waiting in hopes that someday you will clear the obstacles to your success, freedom, joy, healing, creativity, greater purpose and spirit then Lumari’s HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA Accelerated Intensive is for you. 

When you “Heal Your Money Karma” you clear the energies around money, worthiness, generosity and soul purpose. Now, in this HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA Accelerated Intensive Program, you can heal and clear the limitations, conversations and karmic relationships you have with money – and you can heal the most dominant karmic patterns and hooks in 3 weeks.

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Clear your Money Karma and Embrace Your Gifts and Destiny

YOU HAVE A VISION AND YOU HAVE GIFTS TO SHARE WITH OUR WORLD. You want to live in joy, freedom and harmony. You want to live your purpose and share that with others. And you want a powerful, never-ending flow of money, business, prosperity, health, love and Divine Inspiration to help you accomplish your life’s purpose here in this world.

Immerse Yourself in this HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA Accelerated Intensive coaching to release your limiting beliefs, patterns and soul agreements about money, success, fame and wealth, so you can shine in every aspect of your life.

In this Accelerated Intensive Program I will teach you to:

Release your past judgments, anger, fear, guilt & shame around money, wealth and power
Clear your past life agreements with other people that are holding you back and limiting your effectiveness
Heal your negative vibrational ties around money, fame and power, so you can pursue and love your true calling
Shift your current money realities by aligning to the universal and divine frequencies of money, prosperity, wealth and success
Create and harmonize with wealth and true Divine Flow
And so much more!

In just 3 weeks, you can clear the karmic repetition of stressful and energy-leaking patterns, beliefs, agreements, guilt and behaviors around money. Then, you can forge a new relationship with money based on your new clarity and freedom aligned with your current spiritual values.

During this ACCELERATED INTENSIVE program you will quickly heal and clear your Past Life Money Karma, your Family Money Karma and your Present Life Money blocks and belief boundaries so you are free to live your purpose.

This special high-level focus and step-by-step energy dynamic brings you to phenomenal new levels of growth, change and greatness.

We work 2 times a week to clarify the energies, dig deeply into specific goals and situations, and make the powerful changes that benefit you and your life. The special healing frequencies and multi-level awarenesses bring you real access to healing, release, change and transformation.

Once we begin working together, in just 3 weeks we clear and heal lifetimes of money karma so you can breathe free, live joyfully and create abundantly – while you contribute to our world.

What does it feel like to be stuck in your money karma?
 Ask yourself:

What is this costing me? Is it costing time, money, love, freedom and doing good in the world?
What is this costing my people, my family, my loved ones?
Am I and my loved ones paying too high a price, due to your current relationship with money?
Am I blocked from your service, my life purpose and helping those I am meant to help because of my karmic patterns?

Then you can’t afford NOT to join us. It’s really time to change that.

Included in Your Accelerated Intensive program

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1 Heart of Destiny Session

5 regularly scheduled private one-on-one sessions

1 Long-Distance Shollamaya™ Healing Session

Direct email access to Lumari to get answers to your quick questions

normal business hours only, please

2 As-needed Express Coaching Sessions

Priority scheduling and access to Lumari’s private email

HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA and Discover and reclaim your true inheritance!

Awaken to a richer wisdom, prosperity, joy, consciousness and generosity. As you understand, heal and clear your money karma, you will learn how to balance your true wealth and create a rich spaciousness within which you can create a sustainable paradigm shift in your life and our world.

During this course, you’ll have many “a-ha” moments that will demystify why you've been stuck in your money goals, financial growth and personal happiness and harmony and specifically HOW to move forward in a more powerful way. AND You’ll have actively removed THE major stumbling block to your growth and success!

Imagine the abundant possibilities
 that await you!

Lumari’s HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA Accelerated Intensive Program is available by application only.

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