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In Celebration of Lumari’s transformational new book, Streams of Consciousness, we invite you to partake in the Free Gift Celebration! 

This is where wisdom leaders, visionaries, intuitives, spiritual guides and change agents are sharing high-frequency transformational gifts designed to uplift your energy and help you shine. 

Lumari's new book is such an enlightening and awakening journey! 

In to support Lumari’s awakening new book, these inspiring luminaries have joined together, to give you high vibrational gifts, and to share their light, wisdom and awakening with you!

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Maureen St Germain

Maureen St Germain, known as the Practical Mystic, is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life and an Akashic Records Guide.

Removing Obstacles 1
Use this short meditation to clear boulders in your path

Debra Poneman

Master success teacher for over 40 years Debra has been teaching tens of thousands around the world how to live lives of both spiritual and material success.

5 Secrets to a life of True Success
In this acclaimed eBook, you will discover a fool proof technique for tuning into knowledge from your Higher Self.

Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett is the Int’l Bestselling Author of 2 books about the Akashic Records. She is the Founder of Akashic Knowing where she specializes in teaching you to access your Soul’s Plan and guidance to transform your life. As an Akashic Healer, Lisa offers sessions to assist your soul’s growth.

Lisa Barnett is the founder and teacher of Akashic Knowing School, an Author, Speaker and Akashic Healer.

Journey into Your Akashic Records
This guided visualization will take you on a journey into your Akashic Library and Garden.  There, you will Bathe in the River of Forgiveness as you Release past life Karma and Receive gifts of abundance all from Your Akashic Record Keeper.
List price $38.00 yours free

Anita Sanchez

Dr. Anita Sanchez, a powerful visionary woman of Mexican American and indigenous Aztec heritage, who has for over thirty-eight years woven indigenous wisdom, business, and science into her global consulting and training with world and corporate leaders and their teams. 

In Right Relations
Sacred song based on indigenous wisdom.

Gary Stuart

Gary Stuart is a 22+ year Constellation Facilitator and 2-time best-selling Author.

We can only release when we embrace. Honoring anything and everything that came before frees us from everything and anything in our past. This even works on current issues with interpersonal relationships or situations.

Serenity Raven Wolf

Serenity is The Spiritual Growth Catalyst and a Beacon of LOVE in a Tumultuous World! Dedicated to helping you embrace your uniqueness and feel deeply connected.

The Clarity Process Workbook
Clarity is the KEY to all your dreams and desires showing up, as if by Magick. Using The Clarity Process, you become the MAGNET and finally consciously attract all your wishes and deep desires.

Debbie Lynn Grace

Debbie Lynn Grace is an energy worker, intuitive and international speaker, who has impacted hundreds of thousands of highly sensitive people to dissolve the energy blocks that prevent you from leading a life of purpose, authenticity, love and prosperity.

7 Easy Tips To Quickly Get Into A State Of Flow

7 quickly and easy tips to shift your body and mind into a state of flow and ease. (It takes just seconds of your time)

Plus Guided meditation audio download that puts you into a state of relaxation and raises your vibration.

Marcy Neumann

Marcy Neumann helps you shift your energy of your heart, which then changes the mind and lights up your spirit. In other words you create a HeartShift.

The Secret Energy Formula for Accountability, Forgiveness and Manifestation
Ebook, Worksheet/Action Plan, Affirmations, 30 Minute Talk to guide you to Accountability, Forgiveness and Manifestation.

Therese Skelly

Guide and Mentor for High Achieving Women

Connecting With the Soul of Your Business
 Relax, listen and be guided to connect with the SOUL of your business. Includes a companion worksheet so you can record your thoughts after listening to the visualization.!  $47 Value

Swami Tirtha

Swami is a born healer helping you resolve your issues related to wellness, career purpose, and relationship challenges.

Tibetan Bowls SoundBath Meditation mp3
Relax and melt into the heartfelt sound bath of Swami’s Tibetan Bowls. Great even for beginner meditators. Healers & meditation teachers also play this MP3 for their clients.

Jean Adrienne

Jean Adrienne is an author, teacher and creator of InnerSpeak

Liberation Meditation
This is a powerful activation meditation to release the past and move you into freedom.

Devorah Spillman

Guide and Coach to help you discover your soul story.

Soul Story Intensive
Trust the calling of your soul, Share Your Story, Live Your Purpose.
Get instant access to 3 powerful 1-hour recordings that will help you tell your story.

Whitney Gordon-Mead

Whitney Gordon-Mead, MSc is an International Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, and Ordained Minister. She helps her clients overcome overwhelm, beat burnout and create the life they desire.

From Burnout To Balance - A Simple 10-Minute Daily Self-Care Practice
This powerful yet simple practice will help you move beyond the overwhelm you may be feeling and get on the path toward greater balance and well-being!


Michael Peter Langevin is Author of The Secrets of the Amazon Shamans, and Publisher of The Echo World magazine.

Andean and Amazon Ceremony and Mythology

Six hour webinar recording of Michael Peter Langevin leading and teaching ceremony and mythology of the Andean and Amazon traditions. 
Value $157

Amy Vasterling

Amy Vasterling is a long-time intuitive reader and public speaker who is irreverent, funny, and delivers a plan of action you couldn't have conceived for yourself.

Understanding the Energy of 2020 
What in the world is going on in our world? Learn what's happening in 2020 as a result so you can navigate your life worry-free and effortlessly!


Majjsan the owner and creator of Yora Design Dark forest fashions. Her creativity will inspire you in unimaginable ways.

Find and Manifest Creative Inspiration

Get a one hour video download of teachings on finding and manifesting creative inspiration. The voice of unexpected beauty.

by Majjsan Maria Kindred


D.S. Lliteras, author of spiritual novels 

Flames and Smoke Visible
A book for these times

“Every now and then a clear voice rises from the ashes of America’s Fireground and Dan Lliteras is one of these. A former fire fighter, Lliteras knows the voice of urgency and crisis, elements that make you feel you are there with the characters in his stories. He is a writer to watch, and to read.”
   Dennis Smith, author of Report from Engine Co. 82

D.S. Lliteras is the author of fifteen books that have received national and international acclaim. He is best known for his spiritual novels.


Lumari is a guide, catalyst and inspiration for personal, professional and planetary change, healing, evolution and awakening to uplift your life and our world.

Streams of Consciousness
Discover the twelve hidden frequencies of creation. Activate Your Higher Calling and Uplift Our World. Experience Higher Vibration just by reading it.

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