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Lumari's book really and truly blew my mind!!!

The exquisite channeled knowledge in Streams of Consciousness comes to us at just the right time as it reveals how we can directly access the Divine to not only uplift our own lives but all of humanity.  Moreover, whenever I sat to read, I felt a sweet flow of healing energy throughout my body. This is not just a book—it’s a life-changing experience.

Debra Poneman

Founder/CEO, Yes to Success, Inc.

A remarkably timely book for evolving consciousness.

Lumari takes the readers on a multi-dimensional journey to reveal the hidden Streams Of Consciousness that have been awakening, inspiring and guiding humanity since our earthy beginnings. Each exploration of the twelve streams she offers, each sacred practice and calling forth that she shares is an awakening mindful journey through the wisdom of the universe, the soul of being, and the heart of all consciousness. What a gift to all of us!


Author of #1 International Best Selling book The Energy Codes:
The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life

Tap into your higher spiritual self

In Lumari’s book, “Streams of Consciousness,” you are taken on a journey that allows you to tap into your higher spiritual self.  You’ll learn to align yourself with the frequencies of the twelve streams of consciousness gaining greater awareness and a spiritual understanding of who you really are. The journey is about opening up your heart, mind and spirit to the possibilities that life has to offer.


Founder –

Sharing this ancient and contemporary wisdom with the world

This book tells the story and reveals how the Streams of Consciousness, twelve ancient and contemporary vibrations on our planet, formed the fundamental structures of our society, culture and tribal instincts. These streams were once unknown and now, they are unveiled in this book. These clear, high-frequency, spiritual energy fields exist to guide us and society to our connection with the Divine. Lumari channels “The Original Language” to speak clearly through her and presents the highest vibrations with wonderful understanding, special practices and blessings that create awakenings.

Streams of Consciousness is a book of the highest quality and vibration.

Thank you Lumari, for being a guiding light on my Akashic Journey and for sharing this new and unique wisdom with the world.


International Bestselling Author and Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.

Truly revolutionary, enlightening and inspiring

Lumari’s resonance and brilliance shines through in her divinely inspired latest book. She is incredible at revealing the frequencies of creation activating the expansion of consciousness that is currently happening for humanity. Unveiling the once-secret Streams of Consciousness, now we have access to these illuminating frequencies, teachings and a direct connection to the Divine. The gifts and accelerated practices that she shares are true higher teachings.

Lumari is a gift and Streams of Consciousness is the blessing to you the reader. Namaste

Gary Stuart

2-time #1 International bestselling author, Speaker, master Constellation healing facilitator and Lumari fan…

A Life-Changing book

This is a transformational book that we all need right now.

You will discover the hidden secrets of the twelve Streams Of Consciousness and how to recognize, understand and access their messages, energies, and inspiring qualities. It will open up a different way to communicate, and realize the bonds are eternal. This is a beautiful well-written book with love & light...very relatable, comforting, and uplifting. Lumari brings you on a mind-altering, heart-opening, awakening journey into the cosmos, your divine nature, and our world. 

The magic, spirit, and revelation in this book illuminate the clear, high-frequency, spiritual energy fields that exist to guide us and society to our connection with the Divine. See how your heart's soul purpose resonates with the Streams Of Consciousness. I definitely recommend reading Lumari's Streams of Consciousness book! You will be so glad you did!

Sylvia Moss

Vibrational, Sound Healer, Channel, and author of Angels of New York, a meditative photographic journey

Lumari provides all the healing anyone ever wanted in one valuable book

The twelve Streams of Consciousness chisel, tap, and wipe away the parts of us that clutter our true brilliance. Like a block of marble reshaped, refined, and polished into the true essence of its purpose, the reader wades through vibrations of transformational flows that chill and thrill, emerging magically as if the very hand of Michelangelo gave life to a new creation. This is a powerful and experiential book, containing the Universe’s 12-Step attunement program for spiritual awakening and the contemporary renaissance of humanity. Lumari provides all the healing anyone ever wanted in one valuable book—a patient, tempered read allowing each stream to accomplish its work. A timely experience for everyone, everywhere. Let it be you.

Louise M. Mitchell (Laughing Waters)

Author-Contemporary Shaman, author, speaker and facilitator of programs and workshops

Every reader who chooses to read this book will help uplift our world!

In Streams of Consciousness’ Lumari takes the reader on a consciousness expanding journey. She outlines the spiritual truths that are the key to a higher awareness. Her latest book will expand your perception, raise your vibrations and uplift you on a personal level. The raised consciousness of every reader who chooses to read this book will help uplift our world.  

I recommend this remarkable book containing secrets of the Divine to all who search for spiritual Truth and enlightenment. 

Marlene Houghton, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy, Holistic Nutrition and Traditional Herbalism

An avenue toward enlightenment

With a brilliance equal to the to the great visionaries, Lumari has masterfully channeled a hidden vibrational language and has presented its mystery in the Streams of Consciousness. In this work, she artfully explains her disclosed system of twelve streams—each, “an avenue toward enlightenment.” Then she guides the reader through the gateways leading to the energies and vibrations offered by these streams. An example of this is how she invites the reader to perceive the “Stream of Wisdom as waves within the great cycle of knowing, reverberating through time and space to illuminate the brilliant interconnections of the Divine.”

Lumari is a modern sage who has much to offer anyone who seeks their higher calling. This work will reward those who make the effort to explore her fresh metaphysical insights.

D.S. Lliteras

Author of spiritual novels D.S. Lliteras is the author of fifteen books that have received national and international acclaim. He is best known for his spiritual novels.

I can't recommend this book enough!

Streams of Consciousness isn't simply a spiritual book. It's an evolutionary energy source that shifts your vibration just by being in contact with the words. It raises your energy frequencies and connects you more deeply to the divine. I could feel the powerful transmissions of the words and the fine attunements happening as I was reading the sacred words in each chapter. If you are on a conscious path of evolution the Streams of Consciousness is a profound source of wisdom, guidance and transformational vibrational tools that you must have. Just opening up and reading the words within will alter you and have an immediate impact. I will add this book as a new tool in my repertoire to keep my vibration high. I can't recommend this book enough.

Debbie Lynn Grace

Author, transformational leader, international speaker, intuitive

I am forever changed and grateful

“Streams of Consciousness is more than the written word of Alawashka, the vibrational source of creation. It is an activation into the twelve ancient pathways to the Divine. Each stream brought me into a deeper relationship to this Outpouring of Divine Energy. I am forever changed and grateful.”

John Nelson

Author The Magic Mirror,
COVR winner Best Book

"A wonderful and truly inspiring book"

I started to read Streams of consciousness with a real open mind and blank mindset. It was really easy to read and I quickly got a mind expanding experience. I got alot of new perspectives that resonate with me at a deeply profound level. All ideas are explained properly and makes this huge topic possible to grasp.

I must say this is a wonderful and truly inspiring book. 

Majjsan Maria Kindgren

Jewelry designer, journalist and owner and operator of the company Yoara.

I was enthralled and glued

I’ve read hundreds of books about self-development, consciousness and ascension, and it’s frustrating when all of them explain a concept yet miss essential pieces of the “how-to.” From the very first pages of reading Lumari’s book “Streams of Consciousness,” I was enthralled and glued. In the pages of this book is the full “how-to” access the 12 streams of consciousness. Being able to access the Streams of Consciousness strengthens your connection with the divine, and accelerates your evolution. I read the entire book in one sitting, and now I’m going through slowly accessing each stream of consciousness one by one. I am so grateful Lumari has released this information for us all. Thank you.

Serenity Raven-Wolf

The Spiritual Growth Catalyst