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Lumari reveals the Essential Secrets of Personal Sacred Space in this meditation, so you can stay clear, whole and connected to your own energy, vision and purpose.

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Keep your your energy clear, centered and aligned and experience the sacred beauty of your body, mind and spirit in every situation. 

Now, more than ever, you want to be centered, protected and clear in your own energy. 

You want to be protected from the confusion, judgments, upset, conflicts and negative energy in today's highly charged environment that is bouncing everywhere and is influencing your whole life and your personal energy.

Did you know that all Transformational Healers, Creatives, Coaches, Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs and Sensitive and Heart-Centered People absorb negative energy from clients, associates, friends, family, social media, the news and other people - and you don't even know that are absorbing it?

Did you know that you feel and absorb the global, group and individual vibrations of stress, sadness, fear, pain, frustration and stress that is now even stronger and intensified because of the social media, pandemic, racial and religious bias, political divisiveness and social unrest?

You are absorbing all of this negative energy, sadness, conflict, worry, fear and stress AND you don't even know it or notice that you’re doing it. 

It's time to clear your energy, be focused, present and shine your light!

Lumari’s Personal Sacred Space meditation and the energies you engage, creates a beautiful vortex of clarity, protection, healing and high vibrational energy around for you and around you, while eliminating distractions, negativity and discord.

Now you can tune into your own energy, move into a personal focus and vision, and create the energies that will inspire and guide your day.

My Personal Sacred Space meditation is a special gift to help you engage in your own brilliance, feel the beauty of your soul and spirit, appreciate yourself and shine in your life.

Do this meditation every morning, every evening, during the day and whenever you want to clear your energy, feel whole and tap into your joy.

Download this beautiful audio meditation absolutely free and use it all the time to experience the sacred for your body, mind and spirit.

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