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Breathing Magic

Create beautiful magical changes in your life. We can all use more magic! Downloadable Audiobook
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Let’s Breathe Magic.

BREATHING MAGIC brings you into elegant states of being, vibration and intention to breath magic into your life. This evolutionary guide, helps you dwell in the present moment with boundless joy, presence and full participation from your own. It inspires and guides you to connect even more deeply with yourself, the creative force, and the magic and mystery in the life.

Magic is art, awareness and vibration. It’s an extraordinary and mystical influence of producing, creating and transforming.

BREATHING MAGIC is a spiritual guide to activate magic through an embodied meditation practice Lumari calls, ’Active Conscious Participation.’ Active Conscious Participation is the the guided meditation practice offered in Breathing Magic, that creates and aligns you with inner joy, beauty, peace, love, healing and a deep sense of purpose. Each of these guided meditations and visualizations creates greater spiritual connection within yourself and opens your energies to embrace and move into higher states of awareness.

Follow the meditations, to experience more love, beauty, intuition, purpose, generosity, joy, strength, healing, transformation and peace. Discover the beautiful magical changes in your life.

Celebrate and engage the practice of BREATHING MAGIC.
We can all use more magic in our life
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