Chocolate is artful and complex and satisfying. It evokes richness, joy, healing, depth and a sense of love. Learn to relax and meditate, tastefully. Lumari’s Chocolate Meditation bring that richness, creativity, joy and luxury into your life. Experience new possibilities, gifts, playfulness, blessings and laughter.

Ah chocolate! With Lumari’s Chocolate Meditation you are already flowing with the flavors of a deeply satisfying, artful, rich, sweet and happy life!

Now, if you’re Really Serious about chocolate,
its 12 minutes long and full of Yumm!

Learn to relax and meditate. In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari guides you in how to meditate in the CHOCOLATE MEDITATION, a delicious guided meditation, visualization a gift that will help you connect with the joy, richness, love, luxury, goodness, laughter and fulfillment in your life.

    3 replies to "Chocolate Meditation"

    • Lynn Swanson

      Wow! My experience was so joyful that I found myself laughing out loud during the meditation! How perfectly wonderful, joyful, and rich, just as I will experience now in my life. Thank you, beautiful Lumari!

      • Lumari

        YAY! Lynn! Fabulous. Thank you. I can feel your joy flowing right now! Blessings! And the more you watch my Chocolate Meditation video or listen to the audio, the more the joy flows!

    • Gurudarshan

      OMG this is hilarious!!! I love this!!!! Thank you for your brilliance and humor!

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