Do you want to take your first step finding and living your Soul Calling?
Do you want to expand and grow your Soul Calling and Purpose?

Today let’s get some real clarity and awakening. I’m sharing two very powerful teachings and one simple practice that will move you to higher levels of your vision, purpose and calling!

These are:
∆   Deep truths you want to know about Soul’s Calling and Purposes
∆   What your struggles with your Soul Purpose reveal
∆   One simple practice to get you rolling!

Deep truths you want to know about Soul’s Calling & Purposes
Your Soul Purpose and your Soul Callings are growing and transforming.
They are not stagnant, singular, one-time only awakenings, choices and paths. It’s not “Got it!” and done.

The brilliance of your Soul expands, refines and even changes into aspects of yourself that bring deeper fulfillment. Your evolution and transformation help contribute to our world.

It’s a magical experience to see and feel and know this is happening to you and within you. It’s like breathing clean fresh air, standing on the top of a mountain or on a sandy beach at the ocean where the air is invigorating and healing. You take deep breaths and the air wakes you up to possibilities that you can live!

This is your joy, your passion, your inner truth shining. Each day calls you to create and be and contribute.

No matter what age you are, no matter what gifts you have, no matter what pathways you think are those to follow, the transformation into a greater you is here, now, and it’s up to you to listen to your calling and follow that powerful vision and voice within.
Of course, it’s not always that easy!

What your struggles with your Soul Purpose reveal?
Transitions and transformations are challenging.
What if you had success in your chosen path, and now, that’s not enough?
What if you just don’t know what your calling is?
What if you don’t know which way to go or which inner calling to follow?
What if you really want to build your sacred gifts, to expand them and leverage them to much higher levels but the paths and choices are not clear?

Those struggles with who you will become, what your calling and purposes are now, can be painful.
Those struggles bring so much sadness! Maybe you’re in that sadness, right now. You feel the sadness, confusion, frustration and limitation of not knowing and not taking action.

You just don’t have the real clarity you need to fulfill your purposes and shine.
That stops you from moving forward. You just keep questioning with no clear answers and never going beyond it to your fulfillment, inspiration and success.

One simple practice to get you rolling!
Here’s the good news!
Those struggles are showing you where you want to shine. If you’re feeling the sadness, confusion, frustration and limitation of not knowing your Soul’s Callings and Purposes, then it’s time to really pursue them. To pursue your Soul’s Callings and Purposes takes awareness, commitment and action!

So, the good news for you, is I’m sharing your first step!
Your first step is to gain real clarity about where you are in following your dreams your vision and your calling. Here’s a powerful Soul’s Calling First Step practice to get you rolling.

Soul’s Calling First Step practice

Right now, take a nice deep breath.
Feel that clean fresh air filling you.
In this very moment, ask yourself if you are committed to fully pursue your Soul’s Callings and Purposes.

Take another deep breath and smile! Blessings are coming your way.

If you had a resounding “YES!” then you will feel a new sense of flow and optimism, because you are open and ready to follow your calling, whether you are brilliantly clear or still in creation mode.

If you had a wimpy “YES!” then you have some doubts and it may mean you aren’t clear about your deeper calling or you’re not ready for a fully committed shift.

If you had a disappointing “NO” then it may mean that your path has not revealed itself, or you don’t feel the timing is right or you want some richer understanding now, so you can move forward to follow your calling.

You just got clarity about your first step. All of these answers are the right answer.

  • Resounding “YES!” means go for it.
  • Wimpy “YES!” means go for greater clarity and pursue that.
  • Disappointing “NO” means it’s time to breath and explore.

All of these answers are perfect and are a real first step in finding and living your Soul’s Calling!

Many Blessings,

P.S. Let me know if you had an AHA moment and new insight!

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