A Perfect Gift
Discover the Gift of Five Blessings

Gifts are powerful. Really. Holiday, birthday, anniversary, thank-you and ‘just because’ presents shift both you and the recipient in a moment. When you give a gift to someone, you extend a heartfelt connection. You share love, appreciation, and delight with them. Think about how amazing that is!

I love gifts! I love receiving them. I am so excited receiving gifts and one of my fun saying is, “Send presents!” I love giving gifts, too! I create lists of what I know people will want, so I can get them something they will love.

My husband Peter’s birthday is coming soon and I already bought him his present. I couldn’t resist. I knew he would love that gift so much, that I even gave it to him a month early. Peter loves his coffee, straight, black coffee. I found a gorgeous coffeemaker that is exactly what he wanted. No, he didn’t pick it out, but knowing my beloved, I knew that not only did he want a good, quick and perfect brewer, it also had to be beautifully designed. Every time he brews our favorite coffee, he smiles. That is a powerful gift!

The Gift Of Five Blessings
I’ve noticed that there are five blessings that are given, when you give or receive a gift. They are very powerful.

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The Blessing of Anticipation.
OOOH! A wonderful present wrapped in mystery is offered to someone you care about. Or just as delicious, someone offers you a gift. What happens? First, is the surprise! Wow – a present for me? Wow! Next is the anticipation. What’s in it? What did you get me? What treasure is in this gift?

The Blessing of The Smile.
Even before opening the gift, there are smiles. Why? Real appreciation. If you’re giving the gift, then they really see and know that you appreciate them. If you receive the gift, then you know that they appreciate you. Appreciation and recognition is powerful. This person took the time to get you something unexpected and wonderful. Then you smile.

The Blessing of The Reveal.
Finally! Now, you open the gift or they an open your gift. The anticipation is over and the bag gets opened. The wrappings come off. They see what a wonderful gift you gave and the thought that went it. They can see you took time to think about them and what would delight or benefit or simply charm them.

The Blessing of Gratitude.
Thank you! They feel that gratitude and it extends into different areas. You feel it to. You gave them a gift and it has thought within it. You took the time and picked out a present for them that will delight them and give them something more. You really thought about them. It takes more than just a list, to buy a gift for someone you care about, and they know it. You have a flow of gratitude in your life, in their life and in our world.

The Blessing of Love.
Real gifts show and express love. You have shown that you love them. This gift shows them. Quiet love, powerful love, gentle love, friendship love – whatever it is they receive it. The love becomes more than the gift. And for you, you felt the love, before you bought the gift. It led you to think about that special person and then get them a gift you hope they will cherish. And you want them to know that you care. That’s love – from you and to you!

What’s The Perfect Gift?
The perfect gift is one the delights and inspires. If you get someone a gift that delights and inspires them, then that gift makes a difference in their life. A gift that brings your loved ones more than before, in the way of learning, awakening, beauty and usefulness can inspire them forever.

Think of the surprise gift you would like to give. Is it a book that will inspire them to go into their greater joy, spirit and success? It is a tool (a coffee maker is a tool) that will add something rich, useful and meaningful to their life? Is it an experience, a course, a private session for their personal guidance, an event that will uplift their life? Is it something intimate, a piece of jewelry or art or something that will always remind them of your love.

Think about the gifts you can give that will uplift and inspired those you love. It will bless them and bless you, long after the wrappings have been recycled.

And if you’d like to discover the deeper aspects of true inspiration and share these blessings with your loved ones, you can learn more in my new book, Living Inspired With Lumari – available on amazon.

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