Can you Read the Signs?

How do you know when the Universe is calling?
One powerful and inspiring aspect about Spirit, about the Divine, is you never know when She will send you a sign. A sign can be really obvious or it can be subtle and even invisible. What is most important about receiving signs or Divine messages is you have to be open to them.

My Latest Sign
The other day I received a heartwarming, fun and very specific message from the Divine. I overworked and was not feeling my usual, happy, energetic self. I’m sure you’ve been there. After a long day of activity and concentration, you’re tired. Maybe you feel a little achy. You just have enough energy to relax on the sofa and chill out. This isn’t a luxurious chill out, it’s more an enforced time out, so you can recuperate and get some energy flowing.

So, there I was relaxing on the sofa, just reading, when all of a sudden a shadow crossed over the window in Peter’s studio. He went to investigate.

A few moments later, he was back inside the house with a big smile!
“Here, honey!” he said. “The Goddess sent you a message!”
He handed me a big green, inflated balloon on a string. The words, “Get Well, Soon” were boldly displayed on one side.

He smiled and laughed. “This balloon was just floating by. Obviously the Goddess knew you weren’t feeling your best and sent this to cheer you up!”

What a delightful, fun, surprising and uplifting sign! It was absolutely clear to us both, that I received a very specific sign from Spirit. I am still smiling and feel embraced by the sign I received.

Not all signs are as clear and evident as a big balloon with a message on it. They can come in many forms. To accurately interpret the signs and messages you receive, you have to be open to receiving guidance in your life. Beyond that, you have to recognize that you are receiving a message of importance.

Here’s a TIP to help you receive and interpret the signs.

  1. Pay close attention to your initial response whenever something unusual or unexpected shows up.
  2. Then, look for a deeper understanding beyond just a feeling of bad or good. If it really is a sign from the Universe, then it’s going to have much more life changing implications. It’s more than, a yes or no, good or bad message.

Even if you can’t understand and interpret the message, at the very least, it is an affirmation that the Universe is paying attention to you.

The Important Signs
Are you accurately interpreting the signs and messages you receive?
Do you have a clear sense of the real message?

You may not be able to perceive or figure out if the signs, messages and situations in your life are really signs from Spirit. It can be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be. Maybe the signs are there, and you just can’t read them, yet.

Have you been in the confusion of ‘what does this mean?’
Are you there right now? Maybe, you’re waiting for the signs and they are not showing up. No clear sign is guiding you in this moment. Is that you?

To avoid trouble and to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities, it’s important to pay attention the signs in your life.

If you’d like help interpreting the signs you receive, please call to schedule a private consultation with me. And if you haven’t received a clear sign yet, I can help you track down the signs in your life. I’ll bring you clear guidance, interpretation and connection to greater meaning, so you can make positive decisions and take positive actions in your life.

Have you had anything unusual happen to you lately? Have you received any unusual signs?

Please leave a comment and share.

Many Blessings,


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