every day is a new beginning

Everyday is a new beginning. Yippee!

I know you probably heard that one before, right, that every day is new?

You’ve probably heard it often, in every platitude, telling you that you can start fresh and be open and have more possibilities. People have quoted it to you. They sent it as a seemingly profound tweet to motivate you or inspire you.

Everyday is a new beginning.
Feel better? HA!

It doesn’t really look like it though, does it?
It doesn’t look like today is a new beginning. It may be a new morning and the dawn has risen and the skies may look different, but it feels just like more of the same. You have your lists from yesterday. You have your ideas from childhood.

Everyday is a new beginning, but it’s still the same old you.
You bring our past with you. You are schlepping all of the past around in multi-colored, multi-dimensional, mismatched bags that anchor you in the past. They are so heavy! And dragging them around, day after day, year after year, lifetime after lifetime stops you from living an unencumbered, free-flowing now.

Everyday is a new beginning, it’s just that we don’t see it that way.
We don’t see the world or our lives as new, open and possible, because our past, our beliefs, our fears and our misconceptions from an hour ago, from yesterday, from our lives, our childhood and our past lives, is yacking away with thoughts and memories about how it was.

So, how can you experience a real, powerful new beginning if you keep on waking up still being and responding like the old you?

WAIT! No, I don’t want you to change who you are, that’s not what I’m sharing with you. This is actually about being ‘the more of you.’ Your past, your many thousands of yesterdays, lead you to decide your path, today. All of the assembled, collected emotions, pains, experiences, memories and unfulfilled yearnings from your life and past lives, are creating who you are today. Even your successes, your triumphs and your realized dreams will get in the way of who you are right now. And you don’t feel them and know them because they form a tight ring around your real possibilities.

You are here to live your destiny and experience the connection, purpose and joy of being ‘the more of you.’

So, what do you do?
How can you really create more possibilities, real dreams and fulfillment from today, from this sacred moment of now?

That’s what my Heart of Destiny Sessions is all about,
Share your Gifts. Do what you Love. Make a Positive Difference in the World.

It’s about healing the past and creating a clear path for your joy, self-expression and transformation in the now, in this very moment. This is a truly profound morning together that lifts the past from your present  so you can shine in your truth. If you are not truly shining, bringing your gifts and expression into the world in a magnificent way, then somewhere, you’re blocked from living your new beginnings!

So, what do you do?
Stop living from that past. We need you!

Do your really know that in your heart and soul? Do your really know that we need you? You have a calling to share your gifts, talents, art, voice, healing and vision with our world. We need you! We need you to fulfill your greatness! Dont waste any more time waiting to become your true self.

 We need you!
Don’t struggle to bring your vision to real success in a global platform, when in one morning session you can experience the transformation, clarity and healing that will shift your energy and lift you to your real heights.

My Heart of Destiny sessions bring you ta powerful, joyful clearing, healing and celebration of the true you! Spend a morning with me, and come away with real changes, deep insights and bring your Future into Focus. Your Heart of Destiny session will help you creatively step into your destiny. This special session will help you to powerfully share your gifts and “Engage Your Core Centered Purpose.”

My Heart Of Destiny session is for you if …

  • You want to live your destiny, without restrictions, without fear and without any regret.
  • You are ready to clear the past, clear the past, blocks, fears and limitations that get in the way of your gifts and your greatness.
  • You want to experience and live new possibilities for success in every area of your life.
  • You want to have more love, great relationships, increased business, a higher and more profound connection with spirit and feel the brilliance of your gifts shining in our world.
  • You are ready to embrace your life as a Leader, Artist, Healer, Creative, Visionary, Coach and Social Entrepreneur and share your gifts and purpose in your world.

My Heart Of Destiny session is right for you.

Learn more about this unique and fabulous full morning session and schedule your time to re-align with your destiny and embrace your true self!

Contact me asap and schedule this fabulous session and shift into the more of you, right in the now!

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