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WE, THE MESSENGERS  is a poem meditation, a journey into the specific frequencies of creation that connect you with your destiny and brings healing, clarity and positive Divine purpose into your life.

If you are reading this, then you are a messenger. You are here to uplift and change people’s lives and our world. This video and post is infused with spiritual energy that you can receive, ride and recalibrate to empower you to express and live your highest soul purpose and destiny.

Take a slow deep breath and center yourself.

Give yourself permission to follow this journey.

Allow and encourage my poem, WE, THE MESSENGERS, to move you to experience and express the frequencies, the higher levels of love that exist beyond our knowing.

Let this poem and meditation guide you beyond our conceptions of life, time and destiny, to recognize and accept a brilliance within your soul.


Great Spirit, Divine
this, that we are
igniting the truth
leading the way-showers
natural, unmanifest, creation
burns in the cauldrons of our hearts
as we – this, that we are – dance forward
chanting the ancient songs
to new rhythms

this, that we are
stands in the abyss
encouraging the chaos to birth new forms
elegant synthesis
awakens the new challenge
let go of all pain
cast aside all blame
share the flowers of beauty
that rise beyond temporal skies

this, that we are
marches to love
as an anthem of the Divine
we love
we embrace
we heal
we uplift

this, that we are
messengers of the Divine
just having lunch

©2015 Lumari. All Rights Reserved.


    1 Response to "Experience Higher Transformation in just Three Minutes!"

    • Lynn Swanson

      Super soothing and very cool, Lumari! I did it twice; once with my eyes closed and once watching the visuals. It was perfect and complete hearing your voice, feeling the words, seeing the flow of images. Once again, you have touched the top of my head with your blessing. Thank you.

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