It’s a beautiful morning. I am an early riser, so I’m available to watch the dark quiet skies filled with stars, slowly brighten into morning colors. I’m up before the birds. Today, the skies blush with dawn. The birds sing and my ‘love doves’ gently call out to the morning.

I sit drinking organic Sumatran coffee that is hand roasted by a local company, listening to music. And I write. Quiet mornings are a perfect space for me to write. Two new books are on their way. Finished and soon, ready to be published and shared with you. I’m in the flow of writing and two more books are ready for their births. Writing fills my heart. The words, rhythms and guidance allow and encourage a beautiful flow.

Every day, I do things that nurture my spirit and connect me to the higher aspects of living inspired. I do things to fill my heart. That’s what I want to share with you today.

I embrace the things I savor, the gifts that bring me deep joy and presence. One gift that I receive every day is listening to jazz. My definition of jazz is:  “JAZZ is a celebration of creative improvisation over and under the melody of life.”

I can hear those songs, by Miles, Monk, Watanabe, Lateef, Wayne Shorter, Terri Lyne Carrington, Esperanza Spalding, Avishai Cohen, Christian McBride and so many others and my heart swells with smiles. I’m moved. I’m uplifted. I’m in love!

Today, as I sit watching the skies move from blush to blue, as I drink my coffee and listen to music that fully inspires me, and I write, I am thinking of you. You fill my heart. Your presence in my life brings joy and delight. You – my tribe – readers, clients, friends and beautiful beings fill my heart. You share your life and light with me and I am honored. You bring light into our world and I am grateful. I think of you, those of you I know and those I have yet to meet, and I smile.

A Practice to Fill Your Heart with Joy

Do you want more joy, love and inspiration in your life right this moment?
Ask yourself these questions and then take actions in line with your answers.

Ask yourself: What fills my heart, today?

Each moment presents an opportunity. Can you fill your heart with moments of joy? You can surprise yourself. You can discover new opportunities in your life. Whether these opportunities are spiritual connections, new ways to grow or new opportunities in business, if you are open to allowing your heart to join the journey, you’re going to have more fun. So, what fills your heart today? Explore it. Look at the details that bring you joy, fulfillment and delight.

What richness in life engages you, today?

When you engage, when you actively connect with beauty, creativity, spirit and heart, you connect with higher frequencies and that is powerful. Take action to engage. Whatever it is that fills your heart, now, engage it. Be active in your connection and appreciation.

Use these questions as guides to spur you on. Let these questions tickle your mind and spirit along a path of joyful discovery. Whether you know it in this moment, whether you feel it deeply right now, you are the gift that lights our world. How would you engage and Fill Your Heart if you knew and acted upon the truth that “you are the gift that lights our world?”

Is it time for you to experience a boundless connection to your creativity?
Are you ready to align with your soul purpose and vision?
Are you ready to create your own illumination and positive purpose – every moment?

Ask yourself: What fills my heart, today?

And engage with whatever your answers say and wherever your answers lead you.I
I’m asking you that, too! I am wondering what fills your heart, today. I’d love to know!

    8 replies to "FILL YOUR HEART"

    • Lynn Swanson

      My heart is filled with your words of joy and the wondrous visual graphic for “Fill Your Heart”! I am inspired to move and dance and stretch and be balanced. I am inspired to begin writing something new and to spruce up the story plot I have written for the local dance school for next spring’s recital. It will be filled with young hearts dancing and jumping and tapping and hip-hopping and jazzing inside a story I have written. So much joy. So many blessings! Thank you, Lumari!

      • Lumari

        Lynn,Thank you! You do embody and embrace joy. Fill Your Heart and the beauty and bounty flow to you and through you. Congrats on the dance program! I can see the inspiration flowing from you to your art and the dancers. Thank you Lynn for sharing your kind words and your spirit.

    • David

      my heart is fulled with joy of anticipation of a change in my life…I am going through most difficult time in my life( have kidney failure stage 5), but I know this is all for my own benefit. I embrace with all my heart this experience of mine and go through this process with dignity, knowing that I will get my take home message from this process, my soul will gain if i stop existing physically. People like Lumary help me and give me inspiration, hope that finally there will be light at the end of my difficult journey. This makes me happy and full of grace and joy…

      • Lumari

        Dearest David, Bless you. Bless you on your journey. I am honored by your courage to share this difficult time. Yes, the beauty and joy of your heart and soul will light your pathways and the Divine will embrace you in all ways. Even now, in your gracious being, your light shines to us. Your beautiful words Fill My Heart. Thank you for you honoring words. As you mentioned I inspired you, please know you inspire me. Blessings to you, David for a gracious journey.

    • Monica

      Reading this, as a living experience, opened me to feeling, and tapping into Joy in a new much fuller way. It’s like Joy, the presence and essence of Joy has a life of its own. It’s very own way to be in the world through me!
      Experiencing this, Joy has more dimensions than just feelings. it’s has sensuality in the senses, beauty in expression and simplicity of being.

      So fun


      • Lumari

        Thank you Monica. Joy does have a life, a freedom of exuberance that will Fill Your Heart. I love what you said and shared. I know you’ll carry the joy and share it with others. That is a blessing for us all.

    • Carlette Jones

      Lumari, your words filled my heart and brought such peace and joy as I watched the sunrise this morning. There is so much to be thankful for and looked forward to with joyful anticipation. Thank you for all you do.

      • Lumari

        Thank you, Carlette. It’s so true. The Universe smiles with joy. The sun rises in joy. Gratitude fills us with joy and we can share that joy in unlimited ways.Thank you for your sharing, your comments and for celebrating the sunrise with me. I am honored that my words brought you peace and joy. I Love it!

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