How to actively go with the flow in life.

The plans of the Universe always supersede our own plans. What do you do when the forces are changing plans without advance notice? I had a crazy experience of exactly that when I was in Los Angeles a few days ago.

I was visiting LA for business with clients and had all my plans in order. It was a quick trip, including the appointments, but I would still have time to relax, enjoy the ocean and connect with clients and friends.

The flight was on time and seating was perfect. A breeze, right?
Oops. We landed in LA on time, but it took more than 30 minutes to taxi to the gate. A small delay, but I factored in extra time for LA traffic, anyway. We went to pick up the rental car.

Oops. They didn’t have the car we reserved. Okay. We got into another car and drove off the lot.
Oops. The car was jerking and braking dangerously. We drove around the block, returned the car and got another car. By the time we returned the rental, a perfect car came onto the lot. We got a luxury car and we were off to check into the hotel. Phew!

Oops. The hotel didn’t have our reservation.
Oops. I made reservations at a different hotel? Totally clueless! We drove to the other hotel, to hopefully not have to pay them the 24 hour cancellation fee. The hotel was gracious, waived the fee and we returned to the original hotel. They held the room and even gave us a discount. We had just enough time to get to my appointments. Which were great!

The whole trip was the same vibe. The plans I made, the times for business were all in flux. Some appointments went longer than planned. Others needed to be rescheduled to fit into the ever-changing time flux. I saw all my clients and it worked out perfectly. The Universe was conspiring to change my plans and the great news was that Her plans were much better than mine.

Do you know how to actively ‘go with the flow’ ?
This trip was a ‘go with the flow’ journey. Of course, how you go with the flow influences your life path and how the Universe communicates with you.

There were three ways to view this Universal conspiracy of change.
1. Get annoyed and try to change the changes.
2. Let go and let it all organize without participation.
3. Participate with the flow and help steer the course.

Get annoyed and try to change the changes.
This way is not much fun. Some people think going with the flow, means you just grumble along with the changes, while you try and grab your original plans and keep them working. While this may or may not work, you are fighting yourself and the guidance coming to you.

Let go and let it all organize without participation.
This way can be effective, but you’re not playing. Some people just throw their hands up and say, “Fine, whatever.” They just sit back, let it all happen and then sort it out on the other end. This also can work, but you remain significantly clueless about your dialogue with the Universe.

Participate with the flow and help steer the course.
This is the most fun and the most powerful way to go with the flow. This is collaboration with your path and the Divine. To “go with the flow,” you want your hands on the wheel, ready to steer the boat in the direction of greatest guidance. You participate. If the Universe says, “left” then you steer left. Then, say “thank you!”

Using this trip, as an example, I participated with those plans and altered whatever needed to happen as we went. I was participating with the changing energies, timelines and directives. It worked out better than I imagined, and I imagine wonderful things.

When the Universe has other plans, try a new dialogue with the Divine.
Be open to the changes, while you participate with the energies newly aligning in your life. Your active participation with the flow of life, whatever it brings, creates a powerful collaboration with the Divine. Your active participation could be simple, like this trip I took. It may be more complicated, like the Universe reorganizing your life in mysterious ways.

Participation is the key to Actively Go with The Flow.

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