snow on my lilacs

It snowed on my lilacs!
I woke up this morning to find snow. It’s spring. My lilacs are in full, fragrant bloom. AND there is snow all over them. Snow ruins the lilac flowers. Yep! Freezes them to a lovely purple mush. No rich uplifting fragrance that fills the air with wonder. No clusters of gorgeous purple beauty shining in the sun. It’s just limp, flopping, debilitated flowers frozen by the snow. There’s nothing I can do to revive them, make them bloom or perk them up.

I am always excited about spring.
Seeing the new blooms, the fresh leaves and the blossoms on the trees inspires me completely. And lilacs are one of my favorites. So, when I went out two days ago and snapped some pics of the blooms, (see photo below) I expected to go out today, when there were more, and strategically cut some for vases in my home. I imagined the fragrance and beauty filling my house with joy.

snow on my lilacs

Ooops. Not happening is it? Not for those flowers. They are gone.

This happens to everyone, doesn’t it?
You are planning and ready for something wonderful. Whether it’s in your business or your life, and poof! It snows on your lilacs. The idea, the dream, the plan and the expected benefits are not going to happen. And, as positive, resourceful and vital as you are, you cannot resuscitate them. The lilacs are mush and there’s nothing, I mean nothing, you can do to resurrect it.

These are things beyond your control.
I really am glad I don’t control the weather. I’m glad I don’t control a lot of things. So, something happens in your life and plans turn to mush. It could be your health. It could be problems accumulating that now have built up and made you stop in your tracks. It could be the people around you that just don’t get it, are not supportive or have abandoned you. And now, whatever you planned is simply not going to happen.

So what do you do?
If you have mush where flowers were going to be, what do you do? If you had plans for something wonderful, like a new growth in your business, a collaboration in your practice, or a successful new launch and it snowed on your lilacs, meaning the plans failed, what do you do?

Here are three powerful steps to take when it snows on your lilacs.

  1. First, you breathe! Take a deep breath and don’t try to move away from it quickly. If you are already in “NEXT!” mode, you are not respecting yourself, your plans or your work. So, breathe.
  2. Next, consider where you are. I’m not saying, “what does this teach you” or “what lesson do you need to learn.” I’m saying consider what just happened. This is not about blame, regret, recriminations or what if. Consider what just happened. Did you get sick? If you did, then taking care of your health is more important than the event you planned. If you were abandoned in the middle of your plans, then gently look at how that feels and take time to explore regrouping a new way.
  3. Finally, get expert advice and help. After you consider what happened and gently look at it for yourself, get expert help in seeing what happened and exploring what new, different, enlightening and positive things can grow out of the mush. Getting expert advice is the best and most powerful way to break through the debris and move into something even more powerful and successful.

And, I’d love to help. If it snowed on your lilacs and you want expert guidance, healing, clarification, renewal and a gorgeous infusion on inspired energy, please call me or email me. I’ve seen the lilacs flop under the ice and snow. I know that one. This is not time for a pep talk. This is time for a deep, intuitive, healing, spiritual, honoring session that opens your pathways to wisdom, clarity, healing and possibility.

Give me a call and let’s talk!





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