One of the things that I realized in a very fun way, is that sometimes the most profound advice you can follow is “take the time to listen.” Listen to yourself. Listen to the guidance that comes your way. Listen to your intuition. Listen to the wisdom shared from other people who inspire you!

You can listen in quick bursts of time
that will uplift, support and change your life!

I’m doing my Cosmic Coffee Break podcast with 3 new episodes per week! I love creating these podcasts and I know it’s growing. It’s really exciting to know that people all over are having coffee with me! Yes! They take the time to do the beautiful quick meditations, shift their energy and then go back to doing ‘whatever’ with a lighter, brighter vibration, awareness and heart. So gorgeous!

There’s a reason why I created every episode to be under 20 minutes and lots of them are under 10 minutes. You can listen to the whole episode, the whole wisdom teaching, meditation and conversation in one sitting. You really can shift your vibration, mindset, focus and move into a bigger view just by listening. So, if you’ve only listened to a few, please jump back in and listen to more. If you haven’t gone there yet, because you have not time or space or any excuse that looms, just check it out. There are over 60 episodes of the Cosmic Coffee Break! I’m sure you’ll find a couple that fully resonate with you!

Did you get to listen to the last few?

What is it like to be a generous soul? Generosity is a flow of energy that appreciates, recognizes and then gives. Your generosity makes a difference in our world. It changes someone in a moment and can change them forever. Show your own generosity.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Generous Soul, includes powerful statements and affirmations that resonate to generosity! This alignment will reinforce your own feelings of generosity and attract more generosity into your life.

Breathing Healing – that’s the newest – Lumari guides you in the BREATHING HEALING meditation.

Would you like to experience healing, the pure flow of vibrancy, well-being and energy right now?

If you can create a space of healing inside, then you boost your own energy to be in a space of greater health in all areas of life. When you create space of inner-healing, then whatever is going on around you doesn’t create static in your well-being. Healing is an active state of continue well-being.

Join us right now, and move into a space of healing.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari guides you in the Breathing HEALING meditation. This meditation will ease your spirit, relax your thoughts and bring you more health and wellness into your life. You can do this meditation at any time to increase the healing and well-being in your life.

Chatting with Guest Author Derek Rydall
An interview episode! Derek Rydall talks about the Law of Emergence.

You can View in iTunes and on and any of the other podcast sites.

Listen to the Cosmic Coffee Break

So, this week think about listening.

  • What are you listening to inside yourself?
  • What are you listening to in the world?
  • Does what you are listening to uplift, heal and inspire you?

Join us and be in the listening!!!

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