More Inspiration, PLEASE!
Have you ever experienced the full rush, the true illumination of inspiration?
Have you ever felt the flows of true inspiration, opening you to new ideas, showing you something remarkably brilliant and then feeling that shift in your perspective and your life that just seems to open you to something magnificent?

If you said, “YES!” – if you’ve experienced true inspiration, you know it’s amazing and unforgettable!

What if every day of your life held inspiration?

What if every moment you could live from that sacred place and generate your life?

Imagine the deep joy you will have when you are fulfilling your higher purpose, guided by brilliant inspired light. That is Living Inspired.

The true illumination of inspiration is uplifting, life changing and gorgeous.
I know the word is used to describe everything, but that’s not the true vibration, the true meaning of inspiration. Inspiration is positive, soul connection the opens the gateways into heart, mind spirit and lights something magical for you.

The word and concept of inspiration has become a misunderstood, catchall phrase substituted to mean anything that feels good. It has been reduced to vacuous sentimentality. It’s so overused that the word came up 145,000,000 times in a recent keyword search. I’d like to open some windows and shed some light so you can have a more true inspiration to uplift and guide your life.

Yes, inspiration comes in a flash, but Inspiration at its heart is so much more than a fleeting moment. It does not arrive by whim. It’s not arbitrary. It’s not like catching a beautiful, but random autumn leaf floating in the breeze.

Inspiration is divine interaction that forever creates a sacred realization.
It brings you a new, often unexpected perspective that shifts your focus and encourages you to step beyond your preconceived notions into something greater than you imagined. You don’t have to be a certain way or believe a certain ideology. Inspiration liberates the human spirit and proliferates good will and positive action.

Inspiration is a positive, uplifting enlightening experience that meets you, connects with you, so you can experience and give voice to something new, unforeseen, and deliciously unique.

When you act upon inspiration, you are living inspired. Living Inspired is inclusive. It is positive, creative, honoring, collaborative, caring and community based. You want to share your gifts, share your ideas and take people with you so they can experience and receive the results of this divine connection and new insight. Part of the delight of Living Inspired is to pursue that energy and vision, and then act upon it.

Would you like to add more of that in your life?
Take a few moments and try my focusing technique, “More Inspiration, Please!” to open your inspired energy and receive guidance.

More Inspiration, PLEASE!
Find a clear, quiet place to sit for a few minutes.
You’ll want to be in a quiet place that has no distractions. That means no noise, no phones, no extra stimulus.

Give yourself some time to relax and be clear.
This is a centering technique to help you focus, center and deeply relax. You can use this one any time you want a vibrational break.

       Take three slow, deep breaths.
Focus your attention on your third eye (the center of your forehead).
       This opens your intuitive center so you can ‘see’ more possibilities.

       Take three slow, deep breaths.
       Focus your attention on your heart (the center of your chest).
       This opens your heart, so you can feel greater love and depth of your being.

       Take three slow, deep breaths.
       Focus your attention on your tailbone.
       This reinforces your connection to the earth, this beautiful planet and being that        gives us our lives.

Step 3.
Take a deep breath.

Speak each of the following declarations out loud three times.

       “I am open to receive more true inspiration in my life.” (3 times)

       “I open my connection with true inspiration.” (3 times)

       “I am blessed with my connection to true inspiration, right now.” (3 times)

Step 4.
Take a slow deep breath and SMILE!

You have encouraged, invited and activated true inspiration.

Step 5.
Now, pay attention.
Be open and be available. Be on the lookout for ideas, insights and occurrences that guide you and trigger your inspiration! Take notes, write, sing, dance and share.

What’s next? Take actions to fulfill your inspiration and live inspired. Start writing. Make the decisions to follow your dreams, even more! And, you can seek out those people, those professionals who will give you the support, empowerment and guidance you need, to bring you from having inspiration to Living Inspired!

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    • Monica

      This is so fun! Lumari, your brilliance is like a star, bright, beautiful and full of light.
      You amaze me.

      With joy & pleasure,

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