Happy New Year!

I want to send you blessings! This video has vibrational frequencies that carry the energies of blessing to you and to everyone who watches. It’s only a couple of minutes, so just take a deep breath, watch the fireworks Peter and I filmed and receive these  blessings for your health, love, creativity, wealth, good fortune, Divine Purpose and more!

New Years is a time when you are looking forward to new and wonderful things for your future and your life.

Your spirit is positive, your heart is open and you are ready to embrace life. This is a time to receive blessings for your life, your soul and your future.

Take a slow deep breath and be open to receive these New Year’s blessings!

May your life be filled with blessings!
May you have perfect health and vibrant well-being.
May you have the riches of love, friendship, family and inner joy,
May you receive and manifest an abundance of wealth, prosperity and good fortune.
May your work, play, creativity and self-expression shine brightly.
May your vision, Divine purpose and gifts be shared, recognized, appreciated and have a positive influence in our world.
May you live inspired every day!

Please receive these blessings with the love, honor, appreciation and delight that I have for you! Thank you so much. You are a blessing.

Many Blessings, from Lumari

Please send and share this blessing with others you love and appreciate!

    4 replies to "New Year Blessings from Lumari"

    • Lynn Swanson

      Thank you! Feeling the warm flow of these energies drenching me was a perfect beginning to my new year. Blessings to you and Peter for joy and creative manifestation!

      • Lumari

        Thank you Lynn! May this New year bring even more joy and fulfillment your way!

    • Monica

      Lumari this is exquisite! Your self expression, creativity and magic are all blended beautifully in this New Years Blessings! Thank you for inspiring such fullness of life through your video.

      Happy New Year to you and Peter.

      • Lumari

        Thank you, Monica! Let these blessings reverberate! New Year’s blessings to you!

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