Earth’s natural cycles bring us to profound understanding of who we are and how our lives can grow and evolve. The brilliance of our guiding orb brings flowers to bloom and plans to fruition. In Spiritual, Mystical and Metaphysical conversations, the Sun represents spiritual intelligence. Light is always a symbol of intelligence, and the sun represents the highest form of intelligence, spiritual intelligence. It’s symbolic of the light the Creator.

Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse are both perfect times to resonate with the sun, and acknowledge the Sun’s physical, metaphysical and vibrational gifts. It’s time to let all things come into greater awareness in the light. You can bring more light and energy into your life when you sync up with the cycles of our world.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, I’m guiding you in a special practice, RESONATING WITH THE SUN, that will help you connect with this dynamic power and invite the energies of the sun to enhance and empower your life. You are going connect with and resonate with the sun to send enlighten and empower one aspect of your life. By working with the creativity and energies of the sun, you can significantly enhance your life.

You are a light! Listen to Resonating With The Sun and Shine on!

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