Dear Robin,

Thank you for so many years of joy, insight and laughter that you brought me and you brought to our world. You will always continue to shine. We are lucky that we had you, that you visited us for as long as you did, and brought us the generosity of your gifts and shared your life with us. Your profound depth of soul, heart and wisdom made us laugh and cry, and made us wonder. You brought us an ecstasy of spirit and a luxury of unpredictable delight.

I send blessings to you on your sacred journey. May you be greeted by those who love and honor you. I send blessings to your family and friends whose sorrow at your loss will always be flavored with the joy, laughter and electric humor that could give us whiplash with your brilliance.

Many people have made lots of comments on his life and passing and this I know is true. A good life is worth celebrating. A good life is worth honoring. It is up to us to bring that celebration and honor into our lives and our world. So celebrate and honor Robin for the life he led and the gifts he shared with all of us.

If you would like to donate to help inspire joy and healing in Robin’s name, please make a donation to St. Judes, in Robin William’s name.

So, just in my imagination, I am creating a celebration and roast for Robin Williams in Heaven. I know you’re going to have thoughts and opinions, but instead of cringing or judging, think of this scene as a welcome, healing and celebration of Robin William’s life, passing and place in our hearts. Of course, this party happens after Robin is met by his loved ones in spirit and his divine guides.

Greeting Robin in this welcoming party, we have Johnny Carson, Jonathan Winters, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, John Belushi and Peter Sellers. They welcome Robin and greet him with warmth and congrats. They all have a toast with spirits (bad pun intended) to welcome him into spirit and light.

Then, of course, there are the great comedians and comics that stand up and cheer him on to whatever will await him as a spirit in evolution. We have Lucille Ball, Jackie Gleason, Milton Berle, Lenny Bruce, Dick Gregory, Buddy Hacket, Groucho Marx, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and Charlie Chaplin. I know there are more, but leave it to a comic to joyfully crash the party and bring great wit and friendship.

In this moment, SMILE.
Send Robin warmth, light and appreciation for the life he shared with us and the world.

Blessings Robin Williams and thank you dear heart!


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