Stopping Is The Way To Go

Stopping Is The Way To Go

Living Inspired is a passion of mine. I can see what our world would look like, if we were living inspired. I can see each person’s life filled with the richness of their purpose and positive passion. I can see and imagine how each life would shine, how each of us would discover new ways to fulfill our own visions while we engage the world in positive possibilities for peace, harmony, beauty, health and creative expression that brings more live, more connection and more awakening into our world.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!” John Lennon

 With this vision, this dream, and by Living Inspired, we can uplift our world and have fun doing it. We can bring greater positive creation to our own lives and our world. That’s why I wrote my book, Living Inspired with Lumari, so you can access the wisdom, energies and teachings of active inspiration and begin Living Inspired every day.

Usually, Living Inspired isn’t really about tips. It’s about recognizing and opening to a greater fullness and then acting from that awakening. And, of course, when I say that, I have tips I can share to help you do that, to help you recognize true inspiration when it comes to you. This is about living inspired, so it’s active. You engage it.

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Living Inspired Tip – Stopping is the way to go.

One of the most important aspects of connecting to your own inspiration is to recognize it. Most often in our world, inspiration is passive. That means that inspiration happens to you. That is one of the most powerful and misunderstood myths I uncover in my book, for Living Inspired with Lumari.

So, right now, even if you haven’t read my book yet, or discovered the multi-dimensional aspects and powers of Living Inspired as a tool of joy, purpose and transformation, you can still gain some access to this experience.

What is one of the most powerful tips to help you connect with your own inspiration?
Stopping is the way to go

If you don’t stop, then inspiration can pass you by. If you don’t stop, then you can become distracted, and not notice the opportunity to connect with inspiration.
Isn’t that fun? In order to go, it’s a good idea to stop

So stop and smell the roses.
Or stop and smell the lavender or the chocolate or the pizza or the spring flowers.
Look at the stars.
Take lots of deep breaths.
To connect with inspiration, you have to stop.

When you read my book or take one of my trainings, then you will advance to Living Inspired and gain access to a rich expression of active inspiration in your life.

Until then, just stop and let the insights, aromas, flavors and smiles of life reveal themselves to you.

That is the best beginning, the way way to start Living Inspired.

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