The skies in New Mexico are simply astounding. One of the amazing things here are the rainbows. The skies are so vast and the vista so large, that you can watch the storm clouds travel and see the rain before it hits the ground. The rainbows are dramatic. We are known for having double rainbows. Double rainbows are rainbows on top of each other. The arching curve of one rainbow goes from red to violet light and then, right under it ,another curve of red to violet, shines in the sky. It’s gorgeous and breath taking.

The Rainbow Hunter
My husband Peter is a Rainbow Hunter. He can find rainbows in the dark skies even when there is just a hint. He knows where to look in the skies and a rainbow just shows itself. Sometimes, though, I think he invites them to appear, like magic. They aren’t there, yet. He’ll point to the break in the clouds and say, “LOOK!” And I can’t see it. Then he’ll insist. Still can’t see it. Then, finally, the colors reveal themselves and spread across the skies! First they are subtle and then they are unmistakable and brilliant!

I’ve included some photos of the rainbow from a couple of days ago to share with you. Just take a breath and bask in the refracted light stretching across the clouds and skies.

Dealing With The Storms
You know rainbows appear after the storms. First, the skies are dark and foreboding. Then, the thunder and lightning blasts across the calm skies and shakes everything up. The downpour is next. Buckets of rain start pelting, sweeping and pouring down in every direction. It’s dark, it’s wet and it’s wild. You may be able to see it coming, or not. You may be able to take shelter, but you won’t know the outcome until the storm passes.

Life is like that, too. Sometimes you are blasted by the storm. Sometimes you get caught in the torrents of rains, surrounded by lightning and thunder and you simply have to deal with it as it unfolds.

rainbowhunter2Are you a Storm Chaser or a Rainbow Hunter?
Rainbows at the end of the storm are awe-inspiring. After the darkness, the light shines again. It refracts into multi-colored beauty. That rainbow is a positive re-enforcement of the goodness, the blessing and the inspiration that life can bring, no matter what!

Are you a Storm Chaser?
A storm chaser follows the darkness. If you’re a storm chaser, you are looking for the trouble. You can sense the difficulties, the pain to come. You are expecting them. You can already feel the anxiety, fear, despair, foreboding and depression. You can feel all of the negative crap before it even arrives. Now, that doesn’t mean you have a plan. It simply means that you are focused on the storm. Often times this makes you more susceptible to feeling fear and despair, and that makes you less likely to see clear to witness or create a positive future.

Are you a Rainbow Hunter?

Rainbow hunters anticipate the light. They looks for the colors that will come after the storms. They knows that no matter what, there will be light, there will be an affirmation after the darkness that shines bright in the skies above. That light, the rainbow of affirmation is the force that guides the rainbow hunter, not the storm. This makes you positive, optimistic and it gives you the capacity to see clear to witness and create a positive future for yourself and also for our world.

I know there are storms. I’ve been through quite a few. I have also seen more rainbows than I can count. Luckily, I married a rainbow hunter. I was always very positive, creative and open to see the blessings. Being with a rainbow hunter, makes it even more sublime and joyful.

So, I know I’ll never attain the skills and perceptions to be a real rainbow hunter, like Peter, and find the hidden rainbows in the skies. I am rainbow hunter in spirit, and I do expect and know that good things will happen after the storm.

You can choose
What about you? Are you a Storm Chaser or a Rainbow Hunter? If you usually follow the storms, you can always shift and hunt for the rainbows. Instead of feeling the dreary, fearful anxiety, pay attention to the love, the joy, the open expression all around you.

Even in the darkness, there is always light. Even in the trouble there is always a blessing.

Rainbows to you!

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