What lights you up, lights your way ~Lumari
Find Your Calling.
Each one of us has a calling and purpose. That calling is the divine gift we are here to fulfill and share. We use the term ‘calling,’ because the Divine is calling your soul into awareness, joy and action. That is such an amazing part of living.

Your calling is the music in your heart, the song you sing and the rhythm you dance in this life. When you follow your calling, you start to move in alignment with your true self. It brings you into a spiritual synchronization. There is so much joy in this.

Your calling isn’t a tag line. So, you can relax, because you don’t have to describe it in 13 words or less to use with your clients or business. I’m also refraining from using the word ‘purpose’ to describe your calling, because it’s too goal oriented. Your calling is deeper, richer and yes, more poetic. The Divine calls, you answer. You share wisdom, the universe responds. You engage your soul and communication with the Divine continues to flow.

One of my private coaching clients was brilliant and successful at her work, and yet her true calling, the gifts she is meant to uncover and share, seemed elusive. Something was missing. As our coaching and conversations touched on this area, she felt empty. Every time she thought she might be on the right track, she just had a feeling of, “No, that’s not quite it.” She wasn’t living inspired.

If you don’t know your calling, don’t feel in synchronicity with a higher calling or can’t feel that rich meaningful connection in all that you do, then life can feel empty. You feel like you’re missing something. When you can’t presence your calling, then you’re lacking some oomph, some essential relevance that brings everything together in powerful, joyful and inspired ways. It’s like life is on a dimmer switch, and you are not fully lit up.

I love working with people to help and guide them to discover and embrace their calling. My coaching and healing create powerful transformations that open you to higher levels of fulfillment. The insights and awakenings that occur are really life-changing.

In coaching this fabulous client, she found her calling, and her joy and fulfillment is fully present in her life. Over and over, she tells me that, ‘Now it all makes sense.’ Yes, her success has grown, her business has more than doubled and she is more creative. And it’s more than that. She has a deeper joy in her life. She feels her connection and purpose shine every day. That’s what you want, too!

Prime Question to Engage
Answer this question, so you can learn where your joy connects with you. This question can open a space for you to gain greater perceptions about your own pathways into greater joy and inspiration.

What lights you up?

There are people, activities, books, music, places and thoughts that make you come alive. These are activities you love to do or places you love to go. Maybe you love to read spiritual books and the words and wisdom bring you real joy. Maybe you thoroughly enjoy running, hiking or yoga. You may feel the beauty of life in nature or deep connection with your friends and family.

What lights you up? Name at least 7 different things that light your life.

The things that light you up may be avenues that can guide you and point you towards your calling. Of course, your calling is much more than the things you do, but the things that light you up are the things that light your way. Your calling always has joy.

Whether you’re on the journey to discover your calling, or you already know it, you can begin the path to Living Inspired. All of us want to Live Inspired, even if you don’t know it yet.

When you are Living Inspired, you have a spiritual synchronization with your calling. You are in harmony with the higher purpose of your life. You can step up to ‘the more of you.’ You can see a greater vision and then, you can fulfill that vision because living inspired opens the frequencies that support your gifts, your calling and your life. Living inspired helps you recognize and step into the gift you are and the message you bring.

If you are ready to find your calling or want to discover the next aspects of your journey, let your heart and spirit direct you. Learn more about Living Inspired contact me for private coaching and read my book, LIVING INSPIRED WITH LUMARI

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