Surprise! You're a winner!
Surprise! You’re a winner!

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Do you love to win?

I love to win, especially something unexpected, a pure surprise. I just won a gift basket from the Georgia O’Keeffe museum at a raffle.
What a blast!
It even included a free membership. Winning brightened my smile.

I know we all want to win, at something or in competition. Winning a surprise brings delight to another level.

So, what do you want to win?

  • Do you want to win admiration?
  • Do you want to win the approval of those important to you or your field?
  • Do you want to win the inner competition to attain a new level of excellence in your business, your personal life or the world?

In my special Psychic Consultations, which include Intuitive Guidance, Strategies and Healing, you can break through the status quo of your life and reach the winners circle. You can reach your winners circle, the vision and goals you have for your success, achievement and spiritual gifts.

Here’s one simple tip to get a glimpse of your winners circle.

Look for your smile.
That’s right.
Look for your smile.

  • When are you smiling during the day?
  • Do you smile when you meet friends?
  • Do you smile when you finish a project?
  • Do you smile while you’re doing your work?

That gives you a hint to what brings you joy. When you have joy, you know you’re heading in the right direction.

And the right direction aligns your gifts and your purpose, with your actions in the world.

Call me or email me and let’s schedule a Private consultation, and please mention Winning Consultation, so you can feel the joy and success in unexpected and planned ways!

Oh! Guess what! Surprise! You’re a winner!
If you mention Winning Consultation when you call for an appointment, you will receive a special price for the session!!!

AND, as a BONUS, you will receive a copy of my new book,  LIVING INSPIRED WITH LUMARI!

Call me asap and schedule your Winning Consultation, today!

Many Blessings,


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