Spring is coming and new energies are already swirling! That’s always how I feel in spring.

Every season is an opportunity for transformation and that’s what’s going on right now. I can see the daffodil leaves popping up from their winter sleep. I can see the trees swelling, the irises poking through the dirt and the little greens winking at me from the ground.

My newest Cosmic Coffee Break podcast episode, Breathing Transformation, is a meditation and vibration filled with the possibilities and openings of transformation in your life.
You know we’re going through a huge shift in our world and we are called and urged to move even further into our own greatness and luminosity.

Would you like support along the way?

Listen to this podcast and just breathe. The Breathing Transformation meditation brings you to Conscious Transformation in a beautiful, gentle and powerful way. You don’t have to struggle to transform, you can breathe it.

Conscious Transformation is when you want to shift something in your life and you engage and participate in your own transformation. That’s transformation to become more of yourself, to reach beyond this level and open that cocoon and spread your wings. And when you choose your path, when you know you want a transformation into the ‘MORE OF YOU.’ Conscious Transformation shows that you are deliberately participating in your growth to become more of yourself and live from your own gifts, pathways and purpose.

This episode of Cosmic Coffee Break, this Breathing TRANSFORMATION meditation will help you shift into higher and brighter aspects of your self and being.

Your Conscious Transformation can be as gentle as breathing!
Listen to the Cosmic Coffee Break

And while you’re exploring your Conscious Transformation meditation, remember to listen to Friday’s podcast episode, too. I just know that it will surprise and delight you!


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